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Tabletop Tree Décor

'Tis the season, my May Arts friends! And I have a simple, yet super cute, holiday décor project to share with you today.


You'll need:

  • paper mache cone
  • paint brush
  • white paint
  • hot glue gun
  • dowel rod
  • thread spool
  • patterned paper



First off paint your cone white..(and then wish you would have cleaned your scrap space before taking a picture of your project in progress! Ekk! Hopefully I am not the only messy crafter and am in good company ;))


Next, cut the leaves apart on your ribbon, XL09, and begin to hot glue them on to your tree.



My original plan was to go with just the cream colored leaves and add some sparkle to the edges with silver and white glitter. But then I spied a half yard of lonely silver leaves, XL31,  and decided to add my sparkle into the tree using those.



Of course, this ribbon comes in other colors—wouldn't an all gold tree be stunning? Or maybe a traditional green further decorated with mini ornaments?

Now this is a perfectly fun tree! I like how the leaves sit on the table, almost poinsettia like.



But I couldn't just leave it at that 🙂 So using hot glue I attached a painted dowel rod into my tree and used an older wooden thread spool as my base. I covered the spool with some patterned paper and wrapped some natural SM10 burlap jute around it.



I love how whimsical, yet vintage-modern it looks!



Add a little elf buddy to sit beside, grab a mug of hot chocolate and ENJOY!!

Thanks for following along today and if you have any questions please let us know!!


Blog Posted By: Lexi Bridges

  1. Donna Przybylowski

    OH MY GOD, does that bring back memories, we had an elf just like that growing up as kids, wow, brought tears to my eyes, made me think of and miss my Mom so much, she is gone 8 years now and it seems like yesterday. Love the tree, they are a perfect match together, great job!! Thanks for the Memories!! Love it, Donna

  2. Charlene

    Love your vintage wooden spool base, Lexi! Fun idea!!

  3. Karen K

    That is a cute little tree.

  4. Samantha

    Awwww lexi this is wonderful. I love it.

  5. jen shears

    what a fun tree!! it is totally whimsical!

  6. Pam Loris

    Looks very easy to make, and so lovely! I really like the leaf ribbon. I’ve already seen it being used here many times! Thanks for the great project!

  7. Cheryl

    Such a darling idea.. little elf on the shelf with this is just perfect

  8. Dana Tatar

    I LOVE this tree! I have a little elf like that in green that could use a little company. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Mandie W

    This is sooo cute! And, nope, you’re not the only messy crafty out there! My hubby said it looks like a bomb when off in my room.. and that was AFTER I picked up a bit!


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