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T-shirt Ribbon Tie

Hi there May Arts fans! Lexi here today with a simple tutorial…so simple in fact it only uses to supplies: a t-shirt and RG10 (just might be my all time favorite!).



If you have little girls in your life you know the CUTE clothing options for them are endless! But if you are like me and have boys, well, the options are stripes, dinosaurs, dogs or sports. Humph.

Well today we are going to change that. Let's get started!

First, cut a length of ribbon for the “knot” portion of the tie. I tend to just go with the flow and not measure anything, but this is cut to about 4 inches. Sew along one side.



Flip it inside out and you have the “knot” part of the tie. And it kinda looks like a heart 😉



The long part of your tie will vary in size depending on what size your t-shirt is. My shirt is a 3T so I used about 9 inches in length. Choose an end to be the bottom and fold it into a point.



Sew along this to keep the point. You can sew along the entire length of the ribbon for a more uniform look, but I chose to just do the bottom section.



Now take this long section and tuck it into the “knot”



Determine whether you want the tie to go right to the neck or to the collar edge of the shirt. Sew along the top of the knot, making sure you catch the top of the piece you slipped in.



TA DA! Cuteness.



And my model was less that thrilled to wake up from a nap and be asked to show off his new shirt.



But then he decided it WAS in fact totally awesome and he was gonna rock it 😉



SO simple, right? I have also made a ribbon tie on a little onesie. The only thing you have to remember is to make the knot and tie length proportional to the small size of the onesie. Thanks for joining me today and as always if you have any questions just ask!

Have a great day!


Blog Post By: Lexi Bridges

  1. jamie long

    I am so doing this Lexi

  2. erin

    That is GREAT!

  3. samantha Sibbet

    Cute! The shirt and the boy!

  4. Do {Piggy Bank Parties}

    Adorable! Great idea, Lexi!

  5. ellen s

    no way! that is tooooo darn cuuuute!

  6. tam

    that is soooo cute! love the lil guys pics too!

  7. jen shears

    Very fun!!!

  8. Nancy Peterson

    Love this idea… cute. Now if only someone would have a little boy

  9. Janet Zeppa

    Oh that photo is just too funny! Love your idea!

  10. Charlene

    Great idea for custom T for a big little guy…just like Dad!

  11. Samantha T

    So fun!

  12. Pam Loris

    So cute! I have a boy too, and this ribbon! Thanks for showing us this easy project!

  13. Bonnie

    LOVE IT!!! I no longer have a little boy but I do have several nephews and friends with little ones….I can see myself doing a few of these.


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