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Sweater Fix With Ribbon

altered sweater with ribbon

I noticed an inconvenient hole in the left cuff of my black cardigan just as I finished pleating the striped ribbon ruffle for a pillow project.  Bingo! I measured the sleeve’s opening , cut 2 pieces of the wide black and cream striped ribbon (MayArts #365-2-10) measuring the sleeve’s opening plus 2 extra inches.

I turned ½” under on the ends of both ribbons, using one piece to encircle and cover the damaged cuff and the other piece to look intentional on the right sleeve. I pinned then hand-stitched close to the ribbons edges and the over-laps, except for a small space through which to thread small round elastic cord. I overlapped the ends of the elastic to make it slightly smaller than the wrist.  This gives the new ribbon cuff an extra dimension as it stands slightly away from the sleeve. Finally, I closed the space used for threading the elastic. Since I happened to have some cream buttons on hand, I removed the sweater’s ordinary black buttons, stacked them on top of the cream ones and returned them to the front of the sweater.

The moral of this story is that ribbons can often come to the rescue.  They are convenient, both edges are finished and they come in a multitude of styles and colors. Think of ribbons as curtain tab tops and tie backs, They can remedy the consequences of growth spurts in kids, prom dresses needing a bit of insurance and of course, deconstructing sweater sleeves.

Altered sweater with ribbon

Blog Posted By: Ellen Highsmith Silver

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