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Super Sized Santa Cone

Every Christmas I give a few gifts to friends and family in handmade Christmas stockings.  This year, I decided to put a twist on things and create Super Sized Santa Cones to hold a few of the special gifts I’ll be giving.  So follow along as I show you how my Christmas Cone came to life…



You need the following supplies:

  • White Poster Board
  • Christmas themed scrapbook paper (12” x 12” sheets preferably)
  • May Arts Ribbon—I used a variety of ribbon, all in traditional Christmas colors/patterns (styles listed below)
  • Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro Adhesive Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Wood Candle Cup with a 7/8” hole—available at Hobby Lobby
  • Acrylic Paint and paint brush
  • Embellishments



To get started, you’ll want to cut your poster board down to a 22” x 22” square. 


Next, cut your decorative scrapbook paper into 5” x 5” squares.  You’ll need 16 squares to cover your poster board.  If you’re using 12” x 12” paper, you’ll have some scraps left over, which can be used to fill the gaps in your paper layout.


Now the fun begins….


Step 1:  Lay the 5” x 5” squares out on your post board.  You’ll have four rows of four squares.  As you lay down each row of decorative papers, you’ll notice that they will not completely cover the poster board.  That’s ok, you’ll cover the gaps in a moment.


Step 2:  To add interest to the paper squares, you’re going to take two squares from each row and lace them together using some of your narrower ribbons.


To create the lace holes, lay two squares face to face and punch a series of holes along one side.  Lay the squares face up with the hole punched sides next to each other.  Take your ribbon and lace it through the roles, connecting the two squares together.  Repeat this with the remaining set of squares.



Step 3:  Reposition your laced squares back onto the poster board and move each row of squares so that the gap is in a different place.  Use your scraps of paper to cover the gaps between your squares.  You’ll end up with somewhat of a patchwork look.  Make adjustments where necessary so that the same paper patterns do not end up next to each other. 

Once you get the layout you like, use your adhesive glue tape to glue the papers in place, making sure the edges are glued well so they will not pop up once your cone in formed.



Step 4:  With the papers in place, it’s time to roll the decorated poster board into a cone shape.  Glue the open edges down with hot glue to secure the shape.



Step 5:  Now on to embellishments. 

You can attach whatever embellishment you’d like, to make your cone fancy and festive.  I attached two paper tags with holiday sentiments on my cone!!


Step 6:  Once all your embellishments are on the outside of your cone, you’ll need to create a ribbon tassel to hang from the bottom of the cone.

  • Paint your wood candle cup to coordinate with your paper colors. 
  • Using different ribbons, cut 7” lengths and hot glue all the pieces together at one end, creating a bundle.
  • Hot glue the ribbon bundle inside the open end of the candle cup.
  • And, finally, hot glue the bottom of your Christmas cone to the end of the candle cup.



Step 7:  All that’s left is to add a handle to your cone.  Hot glue several ribbons to each side of the cone to create your handle.

Now, fill your cone with special gifts and give it to someone special.



Blog post by: Shelly Dozier-Mckee


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  1. Micah Gullikson-Poteraj

    It’s just dying to hold some chocolates.

  2. Kristie Maynard

    Love the patchwork look. Very nice!

  3. Charlene

    Great idea in place of the traditional stocking!

  4. Aki

    Cute cone! Miss the time when I was a little child~

  5. Amanda Coleman

    I love the patchwork paper! What a fun project!

  6. Anita A

    What a fun gift idea!

  7. {vicki}

    very unusual!

  8. Janet L.

    Awesome! The recipients will be thrilled and grateful!!

  9. Sue McRae

    What a fun and festive project!

  10. rush

    super cool idea. thank you for sharing.

  11. Annette A.

    Wow that is so cool…thanks for sharing..

  12. Kathy P

    How unique! May have to give this a try! Love the look!

  13. Chris R

    I’m amazed at the wonderful ideas that the designers come up with. Seriously, never would have thought to make something like this with paper and ribbon. It’s really cool. TFS.


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