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Sunflower Seed Jar

Day 4 of May Arts / Our Craft Lounge Blog Week!

Sunflower Seed Jar


with school starting soon and holidays on the horizon, I wanted to create something that would be a small thank you to grab whenever you needed one. this sunflower seed jar is the perfect small gift that is thoughtful and cute as well! simply decorate the jar and hand it out to the hostess of the next party you attend or your childs teacher. then they can put these seeds in the ground after the last frost and wait for blooms!



• 1 foot – 5/8" striped cotton twill (385-58-46)*
our craft lounge® – crafty cling rubber stamps, sunflower seeds
our craft lounge® – sparkly fluff, lemon drop yellow
• 1 large mason jar
• soil
• 1 packet of sunflower seeds
• brown ink stamp pad
• scissors
• double-sided tape
• ballpoint-tip glue pen
• white card stock
        * all ribbon can be purchased from



step 1 – open ball jar and remove flat circular lid. trace the lid using a pencil onto white card stock.

step 2 – using the 3 sunflower cluster stamp, press onto ink pad and stamp once into the drawn circle. try to center image within circle. may need to repeat above steps if impression is not crisp.

step 3 – with glue pen, color the inside of stamped sunflower petals as shown in photo below. next, pinch sparkly fluff and sprinkle on top of glue and press fluff onto page. wait a few seconds and gently brush off excess fluff. cut out circle.


step 4 – with the brown ink, stamp the rough frame image  onto the card stock 2 separate times. next, stamp "sunflower" within the top of one of the frames. then stamp the "all things grow…" followed be the single sunflower bloom. using the glue pen, place a glue dot in each corner of your frame.  sprinkle fluff on top of dots using instructions from step 3.



step 5 – trim both frames (one with words, one without) and set aside.

step 6 – fill jar with soil and place seeds on top (or you can them keep inside of seed packet if you prefer). take the metal top, lay the paper sunflower art on top of it and insert into mason jar cap. screw cap onto mason jar to secure contents.


step 7 – adhere a 5 inch strip of double stick tape in the middle of the 12" length of ribbon. wrap ribbon around center of mason jar and press into place. when you get to the front, wrap one end over the other and secure the center with tape.

step 8 – to finish, attach the cut out frame containing the words onto the front with tape. next, take the blank frame and write a special note to the recipient and attach onto the back side of the jar.


Download the PDF to this tutorial here!


Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

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  1. Iris s

    Such a useful project! Great swap with OCL stamps too.

  2. Kas

    Sunflowers are my FAVORITE flower. Love this!

  3. Kelly Braund

    So sweet!

  4. Janet Sisk

    What a great idea! Unique, too. Beats the same old “apple” gifts most teachers get. 😀

  5. Karen K

    What a great idea and very cute also!

  6. Debbie Fisher

    I love this gift idea!

  7. Kathy P

    Great idea…thanks for sharing this wonderful gift idea! That fluff is amazing!

  8. Charlene

    Super project, Tiffin. These would make a useful and thoughtful gift for anyone.

  9. Debbie Painter

    What a CUTE project!!!!

  10. Carol Ann Ater

    love the fluff!

  11. Jan Hennings

    so cute!

  12. ellen s

    love this idea!!!!

  13. Lucy

    My sunflowers are actually blooming and beautiful. Great project!

  14. sue w.

    Decorating jars and containers is always fun to do. nice job.
    stamping sue

  15. Shartl

    That Fluff looks awesome! Thanks for the tips on how to use it. Perfect for this project!

  16. Wendy aka Roo

    Soo cool & such a great project!!!

  17. indy

    Lovin’ the fluff! Great gift idea!

  18. Sue D

    Very sweet gift idea–love the sparkly fluff.

  19. Mumsie

    Wow, love the sparkly fluff! I am going to have to find some of that around here.

  20. Kristie Maynard

    And the great ideas just keep on comin’ Wonderful project!

  21. Denise Coulter

    That Sparly fluff looks so cool! Great project.

  22. jean marmo

    So clever and sweet!!!

  23. Nancy Peterson

    I had never seen the sparkly fluff. Very cute idea and love how you put it all together. I can see making these for my kids teachers. Love it!

  24. Candy S.

    Cute gift idea! I love Sparkly Fluff!

  25. Jennifer Dunn

    Such a supurb idea! I love how you added the sunny touches!

  26. Holly Tolman

    great gift idea!

  27. {vicki}

    love the lid!

  28. Tanya P

    Oh my goodness, I love this idea!!

  29. Jingle

    What a wonderful gift idea!

  30. SLachan

    Love using fun flock – thanks for the great idea!


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