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Summer 2011 Collection Sneak Peek GiveAway – Winner!

Don't you just love a sneak peek?  I sure do!  

So, when I saw all these fab new ribbons coming out of their boxes, I just had to share!   Besides, with Memorial Day weekend sneaking right up on us, I couldn't think of a better way to kick off this Summer than with a sneak peek of our upcoming Summer 2011 Line! 

So here they are, please help us welcome these 2 brand new upcoming additions to May Arts Ribbon:

I don't know what I love more about these, the color or the crochet!


These new additions to our classic Silky/Crush line, really completes the series!


Now this is still a giveaway!  So, of course we need a prize:



and we have a bonus prize pack:

There are some very bright & summery ribbons in these prize packs!


And what do you have to do to win them?  All week long, post your comments right here & tell us what you think our of Sneak Peek Ribbons! 

I will announce 2 winners on Tuesday May 31st, 2010!

For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too!


Good Luck to everyone & have a very fabulous Memorial Day weekend!


We have some winners to announce! 


The first prize pack goes out to

70. Sharon Gullikson May 24, 2011 @ 1:54 PM

"So pretty. I love the crocheted ones."


The second prize pack goes to:

8. Debbie Garcia May 23, 2011 @ 3:02 PM

"My goodness you guys are amazing with these giveaways.
I love these new ribbons they are just adorable.
Thanks for the opportunity to win."


Ladies, congratulations to you both!   Email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize.


  1. Carol B

    Love the new stuff, especially the crochet trim!

    Carol B

  2. ava g

    Love the feel and texture to those crochet ribbons….

  3. Stacy

    The yellow butterfly ribbon is FANTASTIC! I love it!!!

  4. Corinna McGregor

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE those Crochet ribbons!!

  5. Marjorie Barker

    Got to say how much I love the crochet ribbons. They could be dressed up or down! The Silky/Crush line is just so elegant.

  6. catherine fong

    Wooww.lovely new ribbons.the silky cursh totally gorgeous.

  7. Janet Sisk

    Oh my goodness! That crochet ribbon is to die for! I LOVE it! Thanks for a chance to win an awesome prize pack, too! 😀

  8. Lorie-The Peddler

    What’s not to like about the new collections? I love the bright colors and the wide widths. Oh, you just don’t know how much I would love having these new ribbons as a part of my collection!!!!

  9. Pam

    As always love it all…thanks for the fun

  10. Milly D

    The crochet ribbon, and the silky crush are just gorgeous. Thanks for a chanceto the Great giveaway

  11. Jacqueline

    WOW WOW WOW… This ribbons are all soooooo beautifull…. I love them all!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win some goodies 🙂

  12. Natalie Elphinstone

    oh my! Love the texture of these new additions. and the colours are just fabulous!

  13. Jan Garber

    The color crochets that ribbom is speaking to me
    Who doesn’t love winning
    Thanks fvor the fun opportunity I love it all

  14. Carol

    Love the silky/cruch, what a great collection! Thank you

  15. Karen aka blingy

    I just adore all your ribbons and this week I love the release and allt he rest of the stuff.
    I would squeal with delite to win this collection

  16. Chris Dring

    Love the new collections! Those crochet ribbons are so feminine! And I can see using the silky/crush ribbon on Halloween projects! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  17. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! I love these two new collections and the great colors that are available.

  18. Natasha G.P.

    I like the pink and brown crocheted ribbons. They go really well together.

  19. B. Poteraj

    The crocheted ones are really nice. I especially like the brown.

  20. Sharon Gullikson

    I really like the skinny purple ribbon. I hadn’t noticed it before…

  21. Paula

    I love the crochet the most but the crush is very very pretty too, also loving those yellow butterflies

  22. renee griff

    i love the crochet ribbon, but all of them are fab and so pretty!

  23. Rishika

    I think I’v just fallen in love with the new collection. I want to waddle myself in the silky/crush line, add a layer of the crochets and embellish with the bonus pack!! Perrrfect!! Too much is never enough 😉

  24. Karen K

    Liking the crochet trims. The silky/crush is nice too but not something I would personally use very much.

  25. Pam

    I LOVE May Arts and these new ribbons are fabulous!!! LOVE the butterflies, the bright colors, just love them all.

  26. Dorothy Casas

    I like them both but if I had to pick one it would be the Crochet Ribbon. Love the colors.

  27. kathleen vayianos

    love them all!!!

  28. Dawn L.

    That crochet ribbon is just wonderful! I really like doing heritage books and this line of ribbon would be PERFECT for those books. I’ll have to seek them out when they are available. Thanks for the sneak peek. P.S. the new crush ribbons are fab too – so rich in color & texture 🙂

  29. SuZeQ

    Love them all … don’t make me pick a fave! May Arts don’t make junk!

  30. Shartl

    Oh my goodness…those are all so gorgeous! I love the bright colors and texture!!

  31. karenladd

    Oh, I just love those crocheted trims! And the new colors are just luscious!

  32. Amy Smidebush

    I think I drooled a bit on my keyboard when I saw the silky/crush ribbons! They are gorgeous, and I’m so inspired!

  33. MARIA

    loving all the different colors and textures!! no way I can pick just one.

  34. angie

    Love that cutie butterfly ribbon!

  35. Becky Dunham

    New crochet and silky crush? It doesn’t get better than this! I love crochet ribbon in every color and these colors are fabulous! And that silky crush – it looks so soft and luxurious, I just want to unroll it and play in it 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win these lovely summery ribbons! As a confessed ribbon addict – I am loving your giveaways!

  36. manders aka amanda

    Thanks so much for the fun opportunity. The ribbon is so gorgeous would be a excellent accents to any layout, and or porject

  37. Susan L

    Wow, that is some very nice ribbon….I love them all. This summer is all about bright colours and all of these will certainly coordinate beautiful with any project. Love Love Love…what else can I say!!

  38. B. Poteraj

    The silky/crush ribbons are gorgeous!!

  39. Sharon Gullikson

    So pretty. I love the crocheted ones.

  40. Natasha G.P.

    I think that you should unpack more boxes (so you fall in love with more ribbons, and have more giveaways 🙂 ). Very pretty.

  41. Samantha T

    LOVE the crochet. The colors are divine!

  42. Ryan Ann

    I <3 the new crochet ribbons 🙂

  43. Denise Coulter

    I am so in love with your crochet ribbon! Absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  44. Monika/buzsy

    Love the crochet ribbons. Thsoe colors and textures are fantastic! :o)

  45. Patricia

    The new ribbons are so pretty. Great work May Arts

  46. Lindy

    Loving the new ribbons!!!! Especially the crochet ones!!!!

  47. Anita A

    The crochet ribbon is my favorite. The colors are awesome!

  48. Eniko

    LOVE the new lines -esp the crocheted ribbon! Mad for the butterfly ribbon in your give-a-way!

  49. sue w.

    Wow! beautiful new ribbons. I think the crochet and silky crush are going to be two of my new favorites.
    stamping sue

  50. terriavidreader

    Oh, the place to come for ribbon!

  51. Carole

    Luv all the ribbons but my favorites are the crochet ribbons, absolutely stunning!

  52. Donna

    I love the silky crush line. So luxurious!

  53. Kathy P

    I am really loving those crocheted lacy ribbons, and the colors are wonderful. Also the new crush colors…..I am a lover of all things funky and bright! Can’t wait to use some of these!

  54. Katherine

    While I think the crushed silk is lovely I absolutely love the crochet ribbon. My Mom crocheted beautifully but mine just turns out all tight knots–this would be beautiful on scrap pages of my Mother’s pictures.

  55. Naomi A. of CO

    Love, love these ribbons. Such pretty colors, textures…what creations can become of these!

  56. {vicki}

    What a great variety!
    love the butterfly!

  57. Beverly Jordan

    Love the crochet ribbons the best because I have wanted them for so long. They are so perfect for the shabby chic cards I love to make! Thank you for coming out with these. I think the black color will be the most useful due to matching. The silk ribbons are beautiful too, and will look great tied on projects. TFS!

  58. Annette

    What do I think…..Well I think they are GREAT….so cute so bright…love them all..

  59. Cynthia B.

    ooo – love the crochet! Would go great with all the vintage/retro papers out now.
    Thanks for the chance to win – love that butterfly ribon – perfect for spring!

  60. Barbara A.

    Wowww….I LOVE them all!!!! A interesting one is the yellow butterfly, how cute!

  61. Marcia Scantlin

    The crochet ribbons are beautiful and are so in style.

  62. Casey Marie


    There is so many beautiful ribbons. Not sure how it came about, but I can honestly say… My name is Casey Marie & I am a May Arts Ribbon-a-holic!

    Thank you May Arts staff for your wonderful giveaways & tutorials (thank you for posting your fans tutorials using your ribbons, lol)

  63. Sharon

    I love the new ribbons, especially the crocheted ones. Thanks for a chance to win such a fabulous collection of beautiful ribbons.

  64. marie

    I love, love, LOVE the new collection!!!

  65. Pam P.

    Oh my gosh these are so pretty, I am especially fond of the crochet ribbon, the colors are great!

  66. Lisa Whittemore

    Great ribbons and give away. I love the crochet and the butterfly sheer ribbon. Awesome prizes.

  67. f lynn rush

    i love the crochet line.

  68. Aki

    I love all the ribbons!!!!!!! Those are so fabulous~~~~

  69. Kim

    Oh my, I just can say “Wow”~ when I saw those silky/crush! They’re so great!!!!!

  70. Kelly massman

    Loving your ribbons! I especially love the crochet–I’m in to that right now!

  71. Candy Rosenberg

    I have to have all the new crochet ones, what beautiful colors!

  72. Kristie Maynard

    I’m having trouble getting this to post, so hopefully we won’t have several of the same post!
    I love these sneak peaks! I really, really love that crocheted ribbon. Beautiful colors.

  73. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    Silky Crush!!!! Butterfly ribbon!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  74. Jengd

    Wow! If those brights aren’t summery, I don’t know what is!

  75. Debbie Painter

    They are all Beautiful!! I love the crocheted-ribbon, nice color selection!! Thanks fro the chance to win!!
    [email protected]

  76. Holly Tolman

    I love these! They are amazing!

  77. Nancy Peterson

    I love the new summer ribbons! Gets me in the mood to create! The colors are just beautiful. Ribbon is awesome and May Arts Rocks!!

  78. Jan Hennings

    love ’em all!

  79. Sue D

    Great additions! I really like the crochet ones.

  80. Carol Douglass

    I love the crocheted, and it would be so hard to pick a favorite color, they are all beautiful. thanks for the chance to win.

  81. Jennifer

    The perfect ribbons and the perfect colors to splash into summer!

  82. Victoria R

    Love the crochet! Perfect for cards!

  83. DeniseB

    Fabulous giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win those lovely ribbons!
    Love the sneak peeks! The crochet trim is gorgeous! Yummy colors! And the silky/crush looks rich and elegant!

  84. Michelle L.

    I love all the new ribbon. But then, I’m a ribbon-aholic and I don’t think I’ve ever met a ribbon I didn’t like. 🙂

  85. Natasha G.P.

    Oh, pretty colors on all of the ribbons. I like the crocheted ones best, especially the brown, pink, and blue.

  86. B. Poteraj

    I love the crocheted trim. The colors coordinate really well together.

  87. Sharon Gullikson

    Silky Crush is my favorite. Thanks for showing me ribbons that I’ve never seen before.

  88. Wendy Orme

    I LOVE the crochet ribbon…I’ve just recently taken up crocheting again…so fun!

  89. Karen B.

    Oh, how I adore the crochet ribbon and the colors of the crushed ribbon is beautimous!

  90. Cheryl Smith

    Oh! Such wonderful colors. I’m with you on the new crochet. I could see so much happening with that ribbon!

  91. Kari Bartosik

    I use your ribbon in my shop ALL the time. Great colors, great quality and great patterns.

  92. Lucy

    I love all the ribbon! Every single one of the them 🙂

  93. Cheryl Arnold

    I love the crochet type ribbon and the lovely coloirs it comes in, plus the silky crush is so vibrant!

  94. Laura H

    LOVE the crochet ribbon…. the colors are fabulous and they look so yummy vintage!!!

  95. Bhavana Patel

    Love the crochet ribbon, can think of so many uses other than scrapbooking!!

  96. Lisa P

    Love the crochet ribbon, and the butterfly ribbon is fabulous!

  97. Becky Garrison

    Beautiful ribbons, but I have to say the crochet are my favorites! Becky G.

  98. Latrice

    I love them all I just can’t choose. I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  99. Ashley

    OMG what beautiful ribbon 🙂

  100. Joy Hager

    Those are all beautiful! Love the crochet!

  101. Debbie Garcia

    My goodness you guys are amazing with these giveaways.
    I love these new ribbons they are just adorable.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  102. Elizabeth Thoughts2paper

    How about a little Slice of Heaven This is fabulous giveaway and love love this new ribbon colors and everything about it.

  103. erin

    Fabulous new ribbon.

  104. Crafty Math Chick

    What do I think about them? I think they’re GREAT! LOVE that new crocheted lace in all those fabulous colors! Thanks for yet another chance to win!

  105. Laura

    gorgeous…. bellisimas, me encantan

  106. Angi Rankin

    Ooh, they’re all so pretty. I really like the silky/crush and the crochet is fun too. I could have alot of fun creating with these!!

  107. Billie

    Love Love Love the Silky/Crush line!! I’m not a huge fan of any kind of crochet so that line is not for me. I also love your prize pack and the bonus prize pack colors. They are just gorgeous and I could certainly use all of it. Especially the yellow butterflies.

  108. Erika Seever

    I LOVE the silky/crush. It would make gorgeous ribbon flowers.


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