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{Stay-Put} Rustic Tablecloth

Outside entertaining or camping at dinner time can be quite challenging if there is a slight breeze. The tablecloths never stay put! Today I have a quick tutorial on how to make a beautiful, rustic {stay-put} table cloth featuring the wide, wired burlap ribbon available at May Arts!

There are only a few basic supplies needed for the tablecloth. I found a pre-made tablecloth at my local salvage store, large enough to cover the width of my table an a few inches longer than the length. Then, I grabbed a roll of May Arts wide, wired 2.5” burlap ribbon, in the natural color (398-25-11). {There are now many new different colors to choose from!}. I also needed a measuring device such as a ruler, pins, thread and my sewing machine.

Next, I measured 12.5 inches from the sides of my tablecloth and pinned the ribbon in place. {Your own measurements could vary depending on the size of your tablecloth and personal preferences.) Then, starting on one side, I stitched along the ribbon, about ½ inch from the wire, and finished along the other side. I did this twice, as I had two strips of ribbon running the length of my tablecloth.

I added “tabs” to each of the four ends of the ribbon by folding a ten inch piece of ribbon in half, creating a ½ inch seam on both tops and stitched it to the edge of the tablecloth. Your sewing machine might balk at this a bit like mine did because there are a lot of layers, but if you take it slow it should be fine.

The next step was to wash the tablecloth. The ribbon held up well, and I simply pulled at each end to straighten the ribbon and ironed the ribbon and tablecloth.

What makes this tablecloth stay-put is the two ribbon tabs at each end of the tablecloth. I simply folded the ribbon over and tucked it under the wood of the table. Since the ribbon is wired, the ends of the tablecloth won’t fly away in the wind.

I hope you are inspired to create your own beautiful, rustic {stay-put} tablecloth with May Arts wide, wired burlap ribbon. May Arts recently released a different colors, there is a red that would be really fun for the Fourth of July Holiday, or a mix of the red and and green for the Christmas Holiday?!

Blog post by: Karen Baker

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  1. jen shears

    Such a clever idea!!!

  2. Sue D

    Very clever idea to keep the tablecloth put!

  3. Connie L. Riley

    Karen, this is a very clever idea!  Now, how about something to keep paper plates in thier place? LOL.

  4. Karen L K

    Great idea.

  5. Charlene

    Great idea, Karen!

  6. Kristie Maynard

    What a great idea.  I'm thinking this would work with any of the beautiful wired ribbons, Love it!

  7. Kathy Skerven

    Great idea! I'm glad it will hold up in the wash too! The instructions were very easy to understand.

  8. erin

    Love that burlap ribbon, one day I'll break down and get a sewing machine.


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