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i love going to thrift stores and sales with my friends because i am always interested in what they find as well as what i find. sometimes you need your friends to help you think outside of the box. one of my partners in crime, joy,­­ picked up a couple of bike wheel frames the other month to hang on her son's wall and i couldn't help think about how cute it would be turned into a mobile. i ordered some blue velvet trim and this amazing white iridescent ribbon to start my project and it all came together very quickly. i always cringe when i think about defacing books, but i had one lying around that had been scribbled with crayon and in all around bad shape. i think the only exception for cutting up books is if they are meant for the trash bin and you are transforming them into something wonderful!




• 3 yards – 3/8" blue velvet, (PV34)*
• 3 yards – 3/8" white iridescent ribbon, (377-38-01)*
• 16" bike wheel frame
• cream spray paint
• children's book – heavily illustrated
• scissors
• needle and heavy nylon thread
• double sided tape
• 22 iridescent stars
• 24 – 1/4" flat rhinestone beads
• 10 – 1/4" cream beads
• e9000 glue
        * all ribbon can be purchased from



step 1 – spray paint wheel and let dry. hang with chain or nylon thread in an area that you will be able to decorate.

step 2 – using star templates, cut 3 large, 3 medium & 4 small stars from your children's book. make sure you capture illustrations you love.



step 3 – wrap some of the iridescent ribbon around center spoke as illustrated in photo below.



step 4 – tie one end of your blue velvet onto a spoke close to the rim and begin weaving velvet through spokes. let the velvet hang in roughly 4" drops. when finished, tie end off onto another spoke. 



step 5 – to add stars, place the back of the cut-out onto the front of the velvet. with a threaded needle, enter the back of the velvet and travel through paper star, iridescent star and finally one cream bead. to finish off stitch, go back through iridescent star, paper star and knot on backside of velvet.

step 6 – cut 8" lengths of nylon thread and glue  one end between 2 rhinestones with e9000 glue. once dry, string thread with an iridescent star and hang at random lengths by tying thread onto spokes. clip excess thread once tied.

step 7 – measure height of the inside of the outer wheel rim (mine is 1"). cut 1" height strips vertically from your book pages. tape the ends of the strips together until you get enough length to wrap around the entire rim and tape to secure in place. then, using your iridescent white ribbon, wrap around the center of the embellished outer rim for some extra sparkle.



step 8 – hang in nursery as a lovely mobile for your baby. if hanging above crib, make sure to securely attach it to the ceiling and positioned high enough that the baby will not be able to grab any elements.


Click here to download the pdf!

Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

  1. Kristie Maynard

    Wonderful idea! Very creative.

  2. Renee VanEpps

    Wow, that looks amazing!

  3. Karen K

    Very cute mobile. Very creative also, I just don’t think like that.

  4. jenifer cowles

    can I just tell you that this is brilliant. Fantastic job!!! I absolutely love it, now I just wish my babies were small again.

  5. NinaN

    I wish I had though of that when I made my son’s mobile! I used an old embroidery hoop. This looks way cooler!


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