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Stamp Happy!


Stamps.(sigh) Ink.(sigh) Ribbon.(sigh)

Happiness is getting a chance to play, experiment and create with all three!

Today I am going to try to explain what I call: Leah’s Try It and See How It Works, form of stamping. It MIGHT have a technical name-if so I don’t know what that is.  This is the way that I usually stamp.  My process works this way:

1. I pull out all of my coloring media and supplies: all the inks that might possibly work with my particular stamp set.  For the base of my project I always use an off-white or very lightly colored piece of patterned cardstock weight paper (this can be a scrap or partial sheet, doesn’t matter.)  Paper with an image or type will add an extra layer of texture.  A plain white sheet doesn’t work for me! (I am a texture girl)

2. I begin stamping on the paper. I stamp where the stamp fits and has a bit of room on all sides.  My process is not completely random-only mildly so!   When stamping the image I often stamp many more than I am planning to use.   

3. When I was young I remember someone showing me how to outline the picture in my coloring book before I colored it in. That is what I still do as a grown up.  Almost every image I ever stamp, I also trace over it with a marker, colored pencil or a very fine tip pen. Yep. Almost EVERY image. (even sentiment stamps)  I do this because it can make the image look as if I drew it or wrote it. It also can add a bit more texture to the end product. This is a time consuming, yet for me, relaxing activity.

4.  Playing with color comes next.  I fill in the image with anything! Chalks, ink, crayons, markers, you name it, I will try it on my page! Inks applied with a q-tip, my finger or the inkpad itself.  Sometimes it works…other times…not so much. I play with everything I have. If I like the final result, I can cut it out and use it in a project.

5. For this current project with the HERO ARTS CL 361 SEASON OF GIVING stamp set, I also felt the project called for additional distressing.  So I crumpled up the paper after I colored in my stamps, and I added Distress ink all over the paper, making sure the creases were well inked, then smoothed out the paper and ironed it.

That’s it.  Leah’s Try it and see if it works, method! 

Projects used with this method:


Matchbook Notepad

  • ribbons used: XL33 ,16 – faux suede leaves, EX 96,98 – satin cutouts, .383 – metalic solid band edge, AR30 – gold ric rac, SM16 – burlap string




Pumpkin Card

  • ribbons used: EX96,98 – satin cutouts, SP10 – burlap cord


Blessings card


How to make a matchbook notepad:


Cut paper to fit width of a notepad.


If needed cut a piece of paper the same width to make your stamped paper double-sided.


Make 5 score marks to enable the top and base of the pad to fold


Fold and adhere.


Now you have a notebook cover


Embellish as you want.  I embossed with Gold, added May Arts EX satin leaf cutouts, and applied the embellishments by painting on glue.


Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

  1. Charlene

    Wow…this is so beautiful, Leah! Your tutorial is awesome, too! Off to create…

  2. AnitaRex

    What a creative notebook holder! Perfect for fall!

  3. Sharon D. from Canada

    What a cute idea! Thanks for the step by step for the matchbook notepad!

  4. Bethney @ May Arts

    Awe! We are so sorry Cheryl! Phones were down today.
    Sent you an email just now….

  5. Karen

    Wow I like the ideas and the projects you made with your stamped and crinkled leaves. The note pad is really cute.

  6. Donna Przybylowski

    Leah, great projects, and such easy directions to follow, thanks much!! I love the note pad!! I am the Queen of notes, would be lost without them!!

  7. cheryl mezzetti

    hi i am trying to reach someone in the office, your phones seem to be out of order..
    I sent an order to you yesterday that i need by tomorrow for my classes on a cruise.

  8. Erika M

    How very awesome – your tutorial is so detailed!

  9. Karen G (BC)

    What lovely projects. I often use distressing to age my projects, but I had never thought to cut it out to give just the piece the aged look.. I usually use it as a background. I must go try this now!

  10. Sue McRae

    Love the leaf ribbon!

  11. Kathy (krolski)

    Wow, this is perfect! Just gorgeous!

  12. Angie Hall

    Thanks for all the wonderful techniques. Good coordination of the stamps with all your products.Thanks

  13. Jill Jazz

    Love the textures and colors!

  14. Kimberly Jones

    Incredible! What gorgeous projects and exciting techniques!

  15. Amy

    Great project and step-by-step instructions!

  16. Pam Loris

    I love all the layers of leaves! The faux suede leaves are great too! Thanks for the instructions on your project!

  17. Lynn

    This is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!!! Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons and I am crazy about this project – the colors, the leaves, WOW!!

  18. jen shears

    Awesome projects, Leah! Texture GALORE!!!! 🙂


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