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Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Hell everyone! Emily here with another fun project that looks more complicated than it really is to make! I’ve been creating hair bows for my daughter lately. I got so tired of spending large amounts of money on hair bows that just wouldn’t hold up. When you want to match every outfit, it gets rather pricey!

For today’s project, I decided to create a boutique style “stacked bow.” I used Blue & Yellow since these are my daughter’s school colors.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

You will need several different ribbons, an alligator clip, thread, scissors, and a lighter or fray check.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

First, cut 3 pieces of 1.5” grosgrain ribbon to about 7” each.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Cut both of the ends of each of these 3 ribbons into a V shape as shown. Use a lighter or fray check to seal the ends to prevent fraying.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Cross the 3 ribbons as shown in the first photo. Hold the ribbons in your hands and pinch them in the center. Wrap thread around the center to hold the ribbons in place. Set aside. This will be your bottom layer.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Using a different ribbon, form a loop as shown in the first photo and hot glue it in place. You will make a total of 4 loops with this piece of ribbon. See photos. Add a different type of ribbon using the same loop pattern on top of this ribbon.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Now for the top layer. You will make this simple bow, with no tying! Loop your ribbon as shown in the photos. You will end up with 2 tails and 2 loops. Pinch in the center and wrap with thread to hold.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Your bow should look like this.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Hot glue all of your pieces on top of each other like so.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Cut another piece of ribbon to 4” and tie a knot in the center. This will be the center of your bow. Wrap around your bow as shown in the last photo and glue in place.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

To keep your alligator clip from slipping, you will need to attach ribbon to it. I used some metallic ribbon, but you can also use grosgrain. Glue ribbon around your clip as shown. Do not cover the entire thing. Hot glue to the back of your bow.

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

Your finished bow should look like this. Easy peasy, right?

Stacked Boutique Hair Bows

In the craft store, you can also find these flat bottle caps. I purchased some bottlecap images on Etsy, since my daughter loves Hello Kitty, I found a bottlecap image in blue and Gold and added it to one of the bows that I made recently. These bows are super cute, so easy to personalize, and they look like they came straight from a high end boutique!

By Emily Lanham


Other Supplies Used:

  • Alligator Clip
  • Bottlecap
  • Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun


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