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Welcome back to the May Arts Ribbon blog!  We’re getting ready for cooler temperatures and crisp fall air and the fun times of Halloween.    Today’s project is fun and easy enough that school age children can help with a bit of supervision.     

Halloween is a time for all things creepy and crawly, spooky and scary.   Our fun snakes aren’t too scary but they may just keep little (or big) hands out of the candy bowl!

All you need are some fun wired May Arts ribbons and a few supplies that you probably have around the house already. 



May Arts  1.5” Wired Ribbon – 3-4 ft. of each  (I used RT06,KW08and  364-15)

May Arts ¼” Satin Center Band 337-14-14

Masking tape, 18 gauge floral wire, stapler, scissors, fine tip marker, adhesive gems



1.      Cut 3-4 ft. of ribbon for each snake.  Lay a matching length of masking tape sticky side up.  Run floral wire down the center of the tape stopping about 2” from one end which will be the head.  Press wire firmly to the tape.


2.     Place tape onto wrong side of ribbon, pressing and smoothing as you go.  


3.     Use the fine tip marker to make horizontal lines on the tape about one inch apart.



4.      To make forked tongue,  cut 2-3” of 337-14 Red satin.  Slice down the center about 1.5”.  Trim ends to a point.


5.     Fold over ¼” at the head end of the ribbon and tape down with masking tape.   Fold in corners, making a flat not a pointed end.  Slide the red tongue ribbon underneath the folded corners.   Staple so that the staple prongs show on the right side of the ribbon to make the snake’s nostrils.



6.      To define the head, pinch the ribbon together a few inches from the nose and staple.



7.      Attach adhesive gems for the eyes.  Wind the ribbon starting at the bottom to form a coil, bend into place as desired.


Love the iridescence of KW08!



Sweet pea or spooky green?   (RT06)



Yikes…creepy black snakes! (364-15)


Hope we’ve inspired you to make some creepy snakes of your own with spooky May Arts Ribbons!



Blog post by: Charlene Driggs

  1. Beverly

    To think I could have missed this……it is sooooooo cute.

  2. jen shears

    you are a crafting genius!!!! (will you ever tire of me saying that?)

  3. Gloria Westerman

    Oh my gosh…..this is just to cute….and would look so cute in my bowl of treats….how clever….and thank you for sharing….love it…

  4. ellen s

    oh how COOOOOOOOOOL!

  5. Mary Beth

    I’ll wind one around my porch light on Halloween night. Our trick or treaters will love seeing this cute design!

  6. Janet Sisk

    This would be very cute if I didn’t have that “Eve” thing going on!!! Snakes are NOT my favorite animal. 😀

  7. JenMarie

    OMGoodness! I absolutely HATE snakes but how cute are THESE!!

  8. Kristie Maynard

    These snakes are sssssssssso cute. Wish my nephew was still little, he always loved snakes and wouldn’t these be so cool on top of a birthday gift?!?!

  9. Julie Shearer

    Very cool.

  10. Kelly massman

    I hate snakes! (not really, but I don’t want them near me) but I love these! What a very clever idea!!!!! Charlene is so talented!!!!

  11. Kim H

    These are a great project, thank you for such a unique idea.

  12. Karen B.

    These are fantastic, what a cute idea for halloween!

  13. Caroline D.

    Those are great and kids would definitely love them!

  14. Kathy P

    I don’t know HOW you keep coming up with these fabulous ideas, but this one ROCKS! And I do NOT like snakes!

  15. jenifer Cowles

    great work I love these you are so cleaver.

  16. {vicki}

    too cute!

  17. Holly Tolman

    This are darling!

  18. Melinda Wilson

    Very cute idea . . . but they wouldn’t stay in my house – LOL! I have a horrible snake phobia!

  19. Jingle

    Oh, my goodness, these are so cute!

  20. Carol W.

    Super cute idea and very creative. Great use of the wire ribbon! TFS


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