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I love decorating for holidays, but sometimes, I prefer to have decorations that are more generic and can hang up a bit longer. This banner is dedicated to spring and will last for several months. The letters can easily be switched out for a birthday or the 4th of July – whatever you want to say.


May Arts Ribbon

– 1.5 yds – 3/8″ purple grosgrain stripes (RG67)
– 3 yds – 1-1/4″ yellow silk (SK27)

• White card stock

• Hole punch

• Scalloped scissors

• Glue

• Double stick letters

• Glitter­


Step 1 – Cut and scallop the edges of 11 card stock circles, 3″ in diameter. Punch 2 holes in each circle as shown in photo below.

Step 2 –S out “happy spring” by placing one double stick letter in the center of each circle. Cover letter with glitter and brush off excess.

Step 3 – Add small glue dots around outer edge of circle and cover with alternating colors of glitter.

Step 4 – To string circles together, cut 3″ lengths of purple ribbon and thread through neighboring holes. Tie ribbon in a double knot and trim ends on an angle.

Step 5 – Cut yellow ribbon into 4 equal lengths. Loop and lay it over the purple ribbon on each end letter. Tie purple ribbon in a double knot to secure yellow ribbon in place.

Step 6 – Your spring banner is now ready to hang and enjoy throughout the coming months.

Download the pdf to this tutorial Here!

Blog post by: Tiffin Mills


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  2. DebbieC.

    Great banner. I like how each circle is tied together with ribbon and the glitter sets it off.

  3. Leah

    Love the glitter and color combination!  great idea!!!

  4. Kristie Maynard

    How cute.  Sometimes simple is the best and this banner proves that.  Adorable!

  5. todd

    great job. the yellow ribbon really adds the final flair

  6. DeeDee Catron

    Very pretty! Love the simplicity of it 🙂

  7. Jingle

    Very cute!


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