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Contest #26: Sneak Peek – Part II

We had such an overwhelmingly positive response to last week’s Sneak Peek contest!  In fact, we were so thrilled, that we decided to bring you back-to-back Sneak Peeks!  So, check out the photos below & post your comments!  Tell us what you think…again!  

Details are listed below:

  • To enter:  Post a comment.
  • Start date:  Monday, May 17th, 2010.
  • Deadline: Sunday, May 30th, 2010.  
  • The prize:  1 Full Spool of your favorite May Arts Ribbon!
  • We will select one entry.  The winner’s name will be posted on Monday May 31st, 2010.
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries are all welcome.

sneak peek


sneak peek


**Also…check out this week’s Pillowcase Dresses & start getting ready for those hot summer days!**

  1. Jennifer H.

    Love the leaves! I can see them as an accent on a linen napkin for all your guest to admire at Thanksgiving dinner, decorate candles, decorate seating place cards. I can even see this on a scrapbook page. Cut them individually and decorte for a fall card with all those earthy tones. For the blue ribbon, the first thing that came to me was it looked like an arrow. Use this on a scrapbook page pointing to your main picture. You could even use it on a summer page because of the blue, reminds me of crystal blue water.

  2. Sharon

    I am always looking for new boarder ideas for my scrapbook pages and the leafs are great. The fall is a time everyone thinks about red and yellow leafs but Spring is also a time when nature is just waking up from its winter nap and she has not shaken off the old color and this ribbon is perfect to help capture this.

  3. SevB

    Love both but the blue and white ribbon is my favorite!

  4. Lexi

    Aqua is one of my fav colors. Chevron one of my fav prints…to have them both on one ribbon!??! Beautiful 😉

  5. Theresa Dixon

    Wow…I just love the leaves, I can imagine them on a page along with an original poem that my husband wrote called, Autum Leaves. It would look spectacular. Thanks for all the new ribbon designs.

  6. Von

    Yummy! The Leaves will be so much fun for fall projects and the turquoise is divine!

  7. Susan Ikin

    Love the turquoise chevron – can see it as a trim on red pants, or red bag, or as bag handles. Also look forward to using the leaves in scrapbooks, and as decorations on birdcages, on candlesticks, on …..

  8. Sonda T

    HOLY MOLY!! These are so gorgeous!! I love the aqua+white ribbon…perfect for summer!

  9. Rachelle

    LOVE THEM!!!!!

  10. Tracy

    Beautiful! the leaves would be so fun for fall and Halloween. But I love the turquoise one… I hope there are more colors!!

  11. Trisha

    That turqoise is my favorite color. I am drawn to it like a magnet. It’s all over in my house. The leaves are fun too. I imagine it matched up with all kinds of mustardy yellows and browns when all my pumpkins and gourds and cornucopia’s are out.

  12. Debi

    Can’t decide which I like better. The turquoise ribbon is calling to me because of the color, but I also like the pattern in the ribbon too. I’m sure I will like the other colors that it comes in also. Goes with a lot of the informal work that I do.
    Fall, and doing Fall projects, are a favorite of mine too. Those Fall leaves would make a perfect border for a lot of my projects.

  13. Jennifer

    I love them both.I already can think of many ideas/projects to use them! Can wait to use them!

  14. Janet

    The blue would go beautifully with the sea and beach photos here!

  15. Jane Cristallo

    Both ribbons are so nice. The colors are so vibrant!

  16. Sonya Sheaffer

    Both Ribbons are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what other colors they both come in.

  17. Lisa

    I love the blue and white twill! It is so fresh looking…perfect for summertime!

  18. Tamara

    Love the ribbons . I own a florist and could see the Turquoise ribbon as a lovely bow on an arrangement. The fall leaves would add a nice touch to a basket.

  19. Carole

    LOVIN’ the turquoise – such a fabulous color this time of year !! Makes me think of the beach in Mexico we visited – the red butterflies are darling too !

  20. rush

    the turquoise chevron is gorgeous, and the leaves are so appropriate for fall projects.

  21. Elaine

    I love these colors together – orange and blue always indicate summer to me! One the Facebook page there are also some red butterflies…I’m hoping you’ll have some green and yellow additions for the season too!
    Even though I already have a lot of ribbon, these are unique enough that I would love to add them to my collection!

  22. Theresa May

    The leaves are great and could easily be variegated with floral spray or even glitzed. The twill is the perfect foldover trim for a million projects, both wearables and crafty. I would definitely use it both flat and as edging. Would love to see it in a variety of colors!

  23. Courtney

    WOw. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that second ribbon! So cute!

  24. Tracy

    The leaves would make a great border on a scrapbook page! I’m thinking Fall/Start of School themed layouts… =)

  25. ginger

    love the leaves!!!! but have to say….love the summerish color of the teal/turquoise!

  26. Kristen

    the leaves ribbon i picture with some kind of fall centerpiece or wreath. The other as a cute trim or on a headband

  27. Kim Wilson

    I am so in love with the twill ribbons you have right now 🙂 its my favorite and im so excited you have this one now! The leaves are super cute too 🙂

  28. salla

    love, love both! the herringbone would be adorable in pink!

  29. Lindsey

    I’m getting ideas for my own ribbon sewing projects!
    Always a fan 🙂

  30. Sara

    DROOL!! When I was walking through your booth at CHA I kept telling myself I couldn’t drool on the ribbon. Apparently I didn’t or you would’ve hunted me down 😉

  31. Denise Bryant

    I would use the leaves individually, cut apart, in mixed colors of brown, orange, yellow, and red along with a stamped or die-cut tree on a card. The leaves would provide a great texture. I hope they’ll come in all those glorious fall colors…
    The turquoise ribbon would be great on cards with all the bright summery colors.

  32. Gerrie

    They are darling, my mind is doing cart wheels putting them on this and that! Luv the colors too!

  33. BusyBee

    I love both. I can see the leave ribbon in a Fall wedding and the another ribbon use for an apron.

  34. Donna Hitz

    I love May Arts Ribbon. There are so many that I love, it’s hard to choose a favorite! The variety of ribbon styles you have is so amazing!

  35. Tiffany

    I love the turquoise. It is such a hot color this year!

  36. Joan

    I love them both very much and for different reasons. The leaves are so rich looking and the fall color is beautiful. The twill is summery, makes me think of being on a lake in a sailboat. I could see either one of these embellishing a card or a scrapbook page.

  37. Geeta

    I absolutely love your ribbons! I use them all the time in my creations. These new ribbons are beautiful!

  38. Holly

    Oh! I love those leaves – so perfect for the fall cards and altered projects that I need to work on! The turquoise ribbon is so eye-catching! That would look great in strips going in opposite directions across an entire card or scrapping page.

  39. Lisa Somerville

    Love the new ribbons! The Leaf would make a great border, and the twill is simply beautiful!

  40. kathy s

    the twill is gorgeous but in the last month of fall(autumn) this leaf ribbon looks fabulous and think I like the leaves best

  41. rush

    the turquoise is my favorite. i would pair it with red which is my favorite combination at this time. pretty design.

  42. Dana Tatar

    I LOVE both ribbons as well as the previous sneak peek! I’d love to add them all to my collection!

  43. Marie / Legojenta

    These ribbons are so cute =) The leaves-ribbon I would definently use for a border on a scrapbook-page =)

  44. Jackie

    Ooohhh, I love the new ribbon already! Fall is my favorite season and I will definitely be using that ribbon this year!

  45. jen shears

    I love them both!!! That leaf cut-out will be so fun to use on all kinds of fall projects & I love the color of the twill-looking one!! 🙂
    Those pillow-case dresses are so awesome- I’ve been wanting to make one!!


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