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Sneak Peek 2 – Winter 2011 Collection

Our Last Sneak Peek was such a success, we decided to give you another preview of our newest upcoming line of ribbon! 

We hope you enjoy these next 2 series as much as we do!

Yes, that's right!   Delicate, feminine & frilly lace by May Arts Ribbon!  We are truly so excited to bring you this one! 


Our newest plaid!  We adore the colors here!  Just makes us dream of spring…


And, of course, we just love your comments!  So…….

A little incentive never hurt, right?  This set of silver & gold ribbon is up for grabs this time! 

To enter to win, post your comments & tell us what you think! 

Now through Friday December 10th, 2010.


Good luck to everyone & start posting those comments! 

  1. Donna Przybylowski

    The silver and gold combo just oozes RICHNESS!! Can’t decide which I love the MOST, that or the Gold or the, oh never mind love them ALL!!!! Just had to come back and drool some more!

  2. Tara Hanneman

    The lace is very pretty, but I have to have the sparkly snowflake ribbon 🙂

  3. Shawn Wenrich

    Wow, I’m impressed they’re all innovative and I want them, lol!

  4. Annette S.

    All the ribbon is just beautiful, but I have to say that the lace is my favorite as it can be used all year round 🙂


  5. nerdgrl

    What can I say? Love them all!

  6. Marcy H.

    Love all the new ribbons!! The gold is fabulous!

    Loving the snowflake ribbon as well!!

  7. Lisa S

    I love the feminine lacy ribbon!!!! I can think of many ways to use it!! Can’t wait for it to come out. The snowflake ribbon is sooo cool!

  8. Barb King

    I love the metalic leaves, they would be beautiful on a holiday card.

  9. Adeline Falk

    These new ribbons are just fabulous. Love the plaid and the gold. Gorgeous

  10. Erika Seever

    Gorgeous. Love the white ribbons. So pretty

  11. Wendy Crowe

    All the silver and gold is beautiful!!! And the lace is gorgeous! 🙂

  12. Sonia alias shana0780

    I adore the lace, it’s very beautiful

  13. stampersue

    Oooohh I love the pastel plaids but I think the lace is so classy and beautiful. Why can I not find any beautiful ribbon like this in the UK:-)


  14. Lynda

    Love them especially the snowflakes!!

  15. Karen K

    I like the lace. The plaid is nice too but the lace catches my eye. The snowflake ribbon is very nice.

  16. Amy

    Very pretty and so wintery. For some reason it makes me think of my grandma. She had this roll top table in their living room and it always had pretty ribbon stashed in different cubbies and drawers.

  17. jean marmo

    LOVE that plaid! Perfect colors!

  18. Mandi

    So gorgeous!!! I am absolutely in LOVE with that lace!!!

  19. JoAnn K Delery

    your ribbons are ALWAYS so beautiful. i will use them on every project! thanks for the chance to win these beautiful, beautiful ribbons and lace trims!

  20. mary marsh

    your right a little incentive never hurts-love the silver & gold

  21. Joyce

    What beautiful trims!

  22. Linda

    Love all your ribbons, especially the laces! The pastel plaids are simply adorable. Bookmarked your site.

  23. Darcee

    Wow! The snowflakes are so unique and would look so nice on my pages from Disney Christmas (going next week! Yeah)!! Thanks for the chance to win again!

  24. Susan (rainy)

    Love all of the new ribbons… the lace, the plaid and those fabulous sparkly silvers and gold. Those snowflakes are WONDERFUL!!

  25. Lexi

    So BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to play with them!

  26. Barbara Bruder

    I love the new upcoming lace and plaid ribbons, wish they were available now. I also really like the giseaway, my two fav colos are silver and gold.

  27. jackie hickok

    These are beautiful ribbons. Not only great for holidays, but also weddings and anniversaries. Way to go May Arts!

  28. {vicki}

    i NEED some more ribbon in my stash!

  29. Roxy Furlong

    I love this combination of silver and gold ribbons. You can mix or match for an elegant project or use for a whimsical project, they all work for winter and the Holidays on to Anniversaries and Weddings!

  30. Jenifer

    I love the new laces very nice and the snowflakes are fantastic. LOVE them all

  31. Lynn

    Laces so lovely, plaids so perfect for Spring. These new ribbons will be beautiful to work with. Winning the snowflakes and silvers and golds would be awesome!

  32. Piali

    Loooove the snowflakes…so pretty and delicate!!!
    Plaids are beautiful !!

  33. Sara McKenzie

    I love the lace. I don’t know what has taken us so long to incorporate it – the sewing world has had lace galore for eons!

  34. Margaux

    The snowflakes are AMAZING and the lace is lovely too! Fabulous collections!

  35. ChristineZ

    My word, these are all gorgeous. I love the laces and the elegant snowflake ribbon.

  36. f lynn rush

    i love that spring-y plaid ribbon AND the silver snowflakes. you’ve outdone yourselves again. i can’t wait to see more.

  37. Deirdre

    Oh wow…. stunning. Fingers and toes crossed.

  38. Beth W

    2 of my very favorites-plaid and lace-they’re all beautiful!

  39. Dolly

    The new lace is gorgeous! And I love the new plaid colors!!! I love the snowflakes – beautiful!

  40. griffin

    oh the new plaids are rad! The entire winter collection looks amazing!

  41. Rebecca Ednie

    Those plaid colours are so springy! I see baby cards on the horizon! The new laces are delish too. Thanks for letting us drool over these pictures!!

  42. anne

    These are dreamy!

  43. Amy Serbaroli

    Beautiful ribbons, as always. I think my fav is the silver snowflakes, but I adore lace so those are all great too, as well as those pretty spring plaids. LOL, told you I liked them all!

  44. Diana N.

    The laces are simply breathtaking and the metalic gold and silver would be perfect for many holiday cards. Love them all!

  45. Judy

    What is not to love? Silver and gold, just what I need.

  46. CynthIa B.

    Love the new lacy ribbon! Any ofthem would go really well with many of the vintage-inspired paper collections put now. Wondering too…would we be able to die or spritz them to achieve a different color?
    As for the plaid- one of my favorite go-to patterns, so thanks for thinking ahead to spring.
    The prize ribbon looks awesome too! Love the snowflakes. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. sue w.

    the snowflake ribbon would be so much fun to play with and the gold/silver ribbon looks like a winner.
    I really like the frilly lace type ribbons can’t wait for them. They would be so much fun to use and was thinking could color them with different inks to change the looks. what fun! stamping sue

  48. Julia M.

    All these ribbons and trim are beautiful, but the lace is my favorite! Oh the things I could do with those. Thanks for a second chance to win!

  49. Pam Loris

    Love, love the flat lace! I can see dyeing them in so many colors! And the gold and silver prize ribbon is gorgeous!!

  50. Lara Carson

    I love the silver and gold ribbon, so festive and sparkly!

  51. Charlene

    Seriously gorgeous…congrats, May Arts for more fabulous ribbon collections…I want them all!!

  52. Ujjwal

    I love the gorgeously delicate white lace and the snowflakes!!

    Love the colors on the plaids!!

  53. Lisa Whittemore

    The new plaids are very spring and happy. The silver and gold collection available to win is gorgeous! I love, love, love the silver snowflakes and the gold and silver together is also amazing.

  54. Brenda

    I can’t wait to plan a project using the plaid ribbons. What fun!

  55. Amy

    Love that lace ribbon! I can’t wait to get some of that and experiment with coloring it!

  56. ~Tammy~

    Just beautiful, but my favorite are those silver snowflakes! LOVE! May Arts makes some fantastic ribbons hands down!

  57. Jan J

    YES, those are just the laces we have been waiting for…BEAUTIFUL!

  58. Karyn

    i love it as usual, but I want to win it! Getting discouraged, think this will be my last entry. to busy for this stuff- ITS THE HOLIDAYS AT OUT RETAIL STORE! ACK!

  59. Donna Przybylowski

    Oh those laces are so feminine and dainty and just down right gorgeous, absolutely fantastic.
    And the plaid colors are so warm colorful and pretty, wonderful job on your new line!!
    And thanks for the chance at winning some!!
    Just love it all!!!

  60. gini cagle

    What fun ribbons! I think those plaid will be perfect for Easter projects.

  61. cindy barriga

    The lace is gorgeous but I could use all on my craft projects.

  62. Carol B

    Awesome trims!

    Carol B

  63. Kelly massman

    It’s all gorgeous! I’m partial to lace! Thanks!

  64. Barb King

    I love the metallic ribbons, my favorite!

  65. Rosemary D

    oh… the new editions are just gorgeous! love the lace… so beautiful!

  66. DeniseB

    I love the new lace and plaid designs! The plaid colors are yummy! They will make some great spring projects!

  67. Kelly Sasman

    Love, love all that white lace!

  68. Anita Y.

    Love the beautiful laces – great for weddings and babies 🙂 The plaids make me think of Easter…

  69. conniemelancon

    Love all of it but the snowflake is my favorite! Thanks for another chance to win.

  70. Holly

    Love the new laces and that gorgeous sparkly snowflake roll and that yummy gold ribbon! The new plaids are so cool – think I need to inspect those better in person… 🙂

  71. karenladd

    WOW!! I am crazy about those sparkly snowflakes!!! Awesome!

  72. Natalie E

    Just ADORE the new plaids. You’re right… the colours are just stunning. Reminds me of the increasingly popular Japanese masking tape. Just beautiful 🙂

  73. Wendy Orme

    Beautiful ribbons and laces!

  74. Heather C

    Loving the snowflakes!! They are sooooo ******* WINTERY *******!!


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