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Simplicity in a Necklace

ribbon for necklaces


  • Twisted Burlap in GRAPE – 363
  • Donut pendant
  • End crimp clasp with hook
  • Needle nose pliers


  • Insert one end of your TWISTED BURLAP into the hook end cap.  It has a built-in crimp bead; just flatten the middle 'tube' portion with needle nose pliers.  Repeat with the other end of TWISTED BURLAP and the end cap with ring.  When you pinch the middle ‘tube’ it will hold the cord in place.
  • Secure your donut pendant with an easy lark’s head knot.  Fold the TWISTED BURLAP in half and tuck the fold through the donut hole, then put the loose ends through the loop created.

ribbon for necklacesribbon for necklaceribbon for necklaceribbon for necklaceribbon for necklace

Looking for more great ribbon to go with jewelry?  Check out this link to the May Arts Website!
Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

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