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Simple Halloween Hair Bows

I came across an amazing charity through my work, Eastside Baby Corner. They take donations for children and families in need. I totally fell in love with this cause and wanted to help out, but due to work and family, it was hard to find time. Then I thought, I stay up all the time crafting, why not create something for the kids? I reached out to their coordinator and she told me they were in need of fall and Halloween hair accessories. With the help of May Arts, I was able to donate hundreds of hair clips to this amazing organization.

I went for a simpler bow that I was able to create quickly in order to make a mass amount of bows.

Cut thicker ribbon 20 inches long, the thinner ribbon 4 inches long, and our satin cutouts at about 5 inches (I used the cutout image as gauge of how long to make it.)

Make a figure 8 with the thicker bow, making the top loop smaller than the bottom.

Lay the ribbon flat, then place the satin cutouts in the middle forming an X.

Pinch the center of the ribbon, then wrap the thinner ribbon around the center to hold in place.

Glue the ribbon, then once the glue dries, put the alligator clip in place.

It was fun creating all these bows for such a great cause!

Blog post by: Marie Otake

May Arts Ribbon Used:

Other Supplies Used:

  • Alligator Clips



  1. Kristie Maynard

    How I wish my daughter were still of an age that would wear these adorable hair bows.  Maybe my great nieces!!!!  Thanks!

  2. Renee VanEpps

    My daughter will love this, thanks for the tutorial!!  They're adorable 🙂

  3. Sue D

    Very cute–the kids will love them.

  4. Nicole



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