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Silk Indulgence Craft Challenge Entries {and a giveaway}

All of the entries from our Silk Craft Challenge are in & posted right here!  Of course, there is a chance for you to win some ribbon of your own!

First, the giveaway!  The prize up for grabs:

 Your choice of 2 full spools of our 100% silk ribbon

All you have to do to enter to win is tell us which project(s) is your favorite!  Post your comments right here! 

…and remember one of the goals was for each ribbon to be used in the project!

**For an extra chance to win, be sure to post on our Facebook Page too!**

Now for the entries:

**Please note these are simply being posted in the order in which they were received.**

**Please also note that, although I always love to know what you think, the winners are selected solely by The Ribbon Lady**


Cheryl Hutcherson – Layout


Jeni @ Fancy Schmancy Boutique – Headband


Charity Becker – Memo Board


Cheryl Walker – Dress Form


Darsie Bruno – Christening Bib


Jasmine Ford – Thank You Card Gift Set


Monique Leslie – Mobile


Lynn Ochs – Ribbon Lady


Sassy – Lamp Shade


May Park – Card Set


Carmen Nuland – Altered Box


Sharon Gullikson – Thankful Journal


Charlotte Zweigoron – Umbrella


Abby Henderson – Powder Puff Mini Album


Julie Nagle – Throw Pillow


Jennifer Hadder – Baby Shower Gift Set


Karen Hanson – Hot Air Balloons


Laura Cox – Notebook Gift Set


Holly Tolman – Album


Connie Riley – Teacup Mini Album


Denise Sanchez – Ribbon Necklace


Jessica Preaseau – Hair Clip


Ava Gavloski – Frig Frame and Mini Wicker Hat


Whew!  That is a whole lot of inspiration right there!  Thank you to all our participants that completed their projects! 

The winners for the Challenge & our Giveaway will be posted on August 17th, 2012!

Now start posting your favorites!   :-)


-The Ribbon Lady


  1. Heidi

    Oh these are wonderful!  I am going to say Sassy's lampshade as it used so many ribbons.  Then I would say the hot air balloons are wonderful as well –

  2. Samantha Kania

    Just choosing one is very hard so I do NOT envy your job but I am stuck between the pillow and the powder puff mini album, so good luck to all the entries there is sooooo much talent here!

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  4. Emily H

    Wow! So much amazingness! I am in love with the silk!!! I think Abby Henderson's is my favorite.  I love this idea and want to do it myself.

  5. Jessica

    Amazing… I just can't believe all the beautiful projects!! The hot air balloons, are neat, the dress forms are so cool… the lady with the ribbon dress… I don't know… they are all really, really neat!
    Somehow… I feel… I should have asked for more ribbon! hee hee… Every inch was used in my project, have to order some more!!! It was very pretty, and fun to work with, so soft and like someone else mentioned above, it was hard to quit playing with it and make something! 😀

  6. {vicki}

    hard to choose—I'll go with the umbrella card

  7. Ann Tiller

    They're all so beautiful.  My favorite is the umbrella.

  8. Barbara T-P

    Adore the Thank You cards by Jasmine Ford. Lots of talent demonstrated on all the projects 🙂

  9. Charlotte Zweigoron

    Connie Riley said it…  It is hard to put this ribbon down to actually craft with it.  If heaven came on a roll, it would feel like this silk ribbon!  I am in awe of the projects submitted and will be wanting to CASE some of them!!  I learned a couple of new tricks, too!  What fun…  thanks for having this challenge!

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  11. LBAB

    The all are exquisite, really everytime the entries are better and better. So many different types of entries.  There is a reason when you scroll through you see the word WOW so many times.  Love both sets of cards Jasmine's and Mays, but Laura's desk set is really great with the asian touches.

  12. maple_kiwi

    Beautiful, inspirational work!! Love the cards by Jasmine, the beautiful desk set, the amazing balloons and the powder puff mini!!

  13. Nikki C

    Wow  those are some amazing projects 🙂

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  15. Tina M.

    My favorite is the hot air balloons!  While all the project are awesome, this one just stands out for me!

  16. mary anne

    that little pink dress is  a winner in my opinion; but, I would have to say all the projects are outstanding

  17. SuZeQ

    I really love the thank you card set … lots of inspiration here!

  18. Jen shears

    Wow!! So fun to see such variety! Great job, everyone!

  19. monica edwards

    OH MY !!!! awesome love all of them bib is totally fab – GORJUSS – some talented ladies Bethney is going to have a hard time – you all rock

  20. barb craft

    I love Sassy's lampshade!! Wow!! Great use of the ribbon!! 

    1. Sassy

      Thanks, Barb!

  21. shelley K

    Jasmine's thank you cards are beautiful!!

  22. Renee VanEpps

    Oh I don't envy you having to pick a winner!!  These are all gorgeous, I guess if I had to choose just one it would be Jasmine's gift card set because I love cards!

  23. Rebecca Ednie

    I like JasM
    ine, Charlotte and Karen. 

  24. Goat Girl

    I loved Jasmine's Thank You Card Gift Set! STUNNING! All the projects are amazing!

  25. ramikem

    Wow! These are amazing projects! What a tough choice to pick just one. I really liked Charlotte's umbrella card and Karen's hot air balloons. But I think my favorite is Jasmine's thank you cards. Love those and the ribbon compliments the cards so well! Thank you all for sharing your beautiful work!

  26. mary nielson

    My favorite is the "hot air balloons"…………neat!

  27. alice hancock

    My favorite is Karen Hanson's Hot Air Balloons – Absolutely charming!!!

  28. Lori

    Wow All the entries are beautiful but I really Love Ava Gavloskis entry.  The frames, flowers and ribbbons are gorgeous!

  29. Corrie Wagner

    Great entries I love them walk but I love the dress with those really cute flowers

  30. Patricia Foit

    Kudos to all of the designers!  My 2 favorites are The Ribbon Lady & the Umbrella Card.  Brilliant use of the ribbons!  They're both very artistic & creative.

  31. DorothyCC

    How can you possibly expect us to choose?  These projects are all wonderful.  What a great group of talented artists!  If you put a gun up to my head, though, I'd have to say that I love the hot air balloons.

  32. Christina

    Love your  balloons Scrappy! Lots of hard work here.
    Jas your cards are so pretty,knew they were yours just by looking!!
    Love the little lanterns on your notebook Laura.

  33. craftgirl007

    What can I say…so many beautifully awesome projects.  Love Jasmine's Card Set, Laura's Desk Set, Lynn's Ribbon Lady and Charlotte's Umbrella card, but the one that blew me away (pun intended) was Karen's Hot Air Balloons!  Great job to all the crafty ladies who participated enjoyed seeing your work 😉

  34. Jeniff

    I love the umbrella, dress form and the balloons *-*

  35. Beth D

    There is no way I can only vote for one.  I like Karen Hanson's, Jasmine Ford's and Laura Cox's projects.  Amazing work from all the ladies though.  WOW!!!

  36. Samantha S.

    Wow, what alot of great projects to chose from, they are all quite lovely, the one that catches my eye though is the wedding pic by Ava, so pretty and a wonderful idea to use on one of my photos, love your blog, keep up with the challages, love to see peoples work!!!

  37. Jasmine Ford

    Oh my gracious, so many beautiful projects! Love everyone's work, so pretty. Special shout outs to Karen for her awesome hot air balloons…her skill never ceases to amaze me, and to Laura with her beautiful desk set, gorgeous work!

  38. melissa cash

    Wow, amazing projects from everyone!  I really like the fancy, dancy baby bib and the hot air balloons.

  39. rush

    i really appreciate may parks' card set.  i like the ribbons that weave in and out with the pearls as accents.  there are quite a few wonderful ideas.

  40. Debbie B.

    So many beautiful entires to choose from!!!  I love the lamp shade by Sassy!!

    1. Sassy

      Thanks, Debbie B.!

  41. Yolanda D

    Wow! They are all beautiful. My favorite single element is that golden flower in the scrapbook layout at the top of the post. Over all it is a tie between the umbrella and the bulletin board. 

  42. Julie O

    Wow!  That is some amazing work!  The hot air balloons and the thank you card desk set are my favorites., 

  43. Laura

    Yowza!!! Great projects—my favourite are the hot air balloons!

  44. Mij

    Enjoyed looking at all of them, that's for sure.  To pick just one is hard but I would have to say the project by Laura Cox.  Thanks for the opportunity to vote.


    Great work, beautiful colors! Hoping to win!. Thank you

  46. Lydia Wiley

    Sassy's lampshade gets my vote!

    1. Sassy

      Thanks, Lydia!

  47. Ms. D

    Fantastic job by everyone. What beautiful projects. If I had to pick, Karen's Hor Air Balloons, Jasmine's Thank You set and Laura's Notebook set would be my fav's.

  48. Connie L. Riley

    Good luck to everyone! There are so many great projects and I'm not sure how I ended up in such a talented group, but I do know I enjoyed working with the lovely silk ribbons from May Arts.  It was hard to stop fondling them long enough to get started on the project, ha ha.  I'm glad I'm not the Ribbon Lady–I don't think I could pick.  I really appreaciate all the inspiration I received from today's post!

  49. Helena

    All projects are so beautiful, I love their everything, very talented ladies made them. but I think my fav is the thank you card set.

  50. Karen Letchworth

    The hot air balloon is my favorite, but they are all quite lovely!

  51. Randi M.

    All of these are awesome but I think I love the thank you card set and the hot air balloons the best.  Hard choice!!

  52. Brit Kohl

    I LOVE Karen's hot air balloons! Those are just awesome!

  53. Christine N

    All the projects are beautiful!  My fave is the hot air baloons!

  54. Karen N

    I love them all!  I want to vote for them all!!! I'll use my one vote though for the hot air balloons created by Karen.  They are all great projects though!

  55. Carol Theng

    WOW!!! Love the Lamp Shade and the Ribbon Lady. 

    1. Sassy

      Thanks, Carol!

  56. Lucy E.

    All beautiful projects! Karen's Hot Air Balloons are so adorable. I also love Jasmine's Thank you card set and Laura's Notebook Gift set-very nice for gifts.

  57. Laura

    Wow! Such beautiful projects and all soo different. My favorite is the card with the pretty umbrella, but all such great jobs!

  58. Amanda

    My goodness very talented ladies here…My favorite is the lampshade, I have seen nothing like it before, I love how she has taken an everyday item and made it into a work of art…Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Sassy

      Thanks, Amanda!

  59. Suzanne K

    Hard to choose! The card set is amazing, but I'd have to go with the hot air balloons, as they can be hung for everyone to admire!

  60. Susan R

    Wow, really hard to choose. I really liked the hot air balloons and the teacup album- a lot of work!

  61. Susan

    They're all beautiful, but I love Lura Cox's note set.

  62. michelle L.

    so many wonderful projects! If I had to pick a favorite, I think I would go with Abby's album.

  63. Barbara

    I absolutely adore Jasmine Ford's thank-you card set! It is so elegant and well-designed.

  64. Patricia

    Tuff tuff tuff decision to make but after careful consideration I have to go with the dress form by Cheryl Walker but a close 2nd was the air balloons, I am totally into air balloons right now 🙂

  65. sandyh

    all are very cool and a hard decision….but i think i particularly liked darcie's christening bib!  so cute!

  66. Heather C

    They are all wonderful!  So hard to pick, but I think my fav is the umbrella. 

  67. Brenda S.

    Oh WOW!  Those are fabulous projects and kudo's to all the design team.  My favorite is the dress form by Cheryl Walker.  I think it is amazing. I can put my much less atractive copy on a card or in a scrap book! I love it!!!

  68. by belle

    WOW!  Amazing projects!!  I love Jasmines card set and Laura desk set, beautiful work ladies!!  My favorite is Karen's hot air balloons.  Great job!

  69. Jeannie

    You mentioned one fo the requirements was to use all the types of ribbon.  I'm assuming any projects which did not meet this requirement, if any, were excluded.  If not, we have no way of knowing which projects, if any, did not meet this requirement.
    Anyway, I really like a number of the projects.  One is in so NOT my style, but to their own.  If I have to pick one, I'll go w/the set of Hot Airballoons.

  70. Karen H.

    Wow  – amazing talent shown here again!  Shout out to Jasmine's thank-you cards – so beautiful, and Laura's desk set!  Great work ladies!

  71. Kristie Maynard

    Lots of great projects!  Give people beautiful ribbon and they create beautiful projects.  Thanks for all the inspiration ladies!  I'd have to say my favorite is the Powder Puff Mini Album that Abby made.

  72. Kristie M

    So many beautiful entries. Lots of talented ladies here. My absolute favorite is the scrapbook layout by Cheryl Hutcherson. I love her beautiful flowers she made.

  73. Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

    wowwy wow!!! THese were amazing!!! I loved the christening bib and the hot air balloons, but I just loved them all!!! Awesome job everyone!

  74. Shari Klyn

    I adore the hot air balloons.  Beautiful details.

  75. Christina

    Great work, ladies!  If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the hot air balloons that Karen Hanson did or the necklace by Denise Sanchez. 

  76. Cynthia Jacobs

    Wow, tough choices here because they are all amazing in their own way!  But, making the choice of top fav…I'd have to say it is the amazing Umbrella card!  Close runner up is that amazing Christening bib!  Beautiful use of the ribbons in both!!!

  77. sue wisniewski

    A lot of great projects.  I have my choices down to the following three:  Jasmine Ford's thank you gift card set, Charlotte Zweigoron's umbrella, and Connie Riley's teacup album.
    good luck to everyone!
    stamping sue

  78. Sandy Allnock

    Wow! Hard to decide – love Jasmine's cards, but Darsie's bib is just a treasure. They're all great!

  79. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Oh my goodness.  I've narrowed it down to two, but I honestly can't decide between Karen's Hot Air Balloons (amazing!) and Monique's mobile (precoius!).  Can I vote for a tie between these two amazing projects?

  80. Carol H

    I like the altered box and also the ribbon lady.

  81. Debbie Travers

    All the projects are amazing but really love the note box set by Laura Cox. Love the colors and how she used the ribbon.

  82. Vickie Kertz

    I love the dress form by Cheryl Walker

  83. Sue McRae

    Wow, lots of fab projects! My fave is Karen's Hot Air Balloons, so very fun!

  84. Judy Butera

    Very nice work by all the designers.  I have always loved working with ribbon, especially silk and would have to say the dress form by Cheryl Walker shows how the ribbon can be worked into whatever you want, great job.  My next pick would be the ribbon lady, nice work.  Love all the ribbon that was used and all the designs.

  85. Ashley Horton

    I love the adorable Lamp Shade, by Sassy!!

    1. Sassy

      Thanks, Ashley!

  86. Dee

    wow, how do you choose?? I think my favourite is either the dress-from, the mini-album, the airballoon, the ribbon lady, the teacup, the notebook gifty set of maybe the the umbrella or… no, I can't choose! They are all amazing! Thank you all for sharing and good luck with picking your favourite ribbon lady! 🙂

  87. Holly Tolman

    When I look at all of the projects, I am blown away by the differences we can all come up with, with the same ribbons. They are all amazing!

  88. Lynn Shokoples

    These are all such amazing projects, but my favorite would have to be the lampshade by Sassy!

  89. Charlene

    Whoa…what a great bunch of awesome projects.  Glad I don't have to to choose just one, Ribbon Lady.  They're all super!

  90. Karen G

    My favourite project is the Thank you card set.  It's so elegant.  Really hard to pick one favourite though, there were many that I really liked 🙂

  91. Anita Scroggins

    The lampshade!! OMG what a great job on that!!

    1. Sassy

      Thanks so much, Anita!

  92. Patricia

    Jasmine ford- the gift box with cards was my favorite 🙂 all the others were awesome too.

  93. Vee

    Awesome job on all of the projects. If i could pick two: the first would be Laura Cox's desk set (colorful and practical) and the Karen Hanson's Hot Air Balloons–whimsical. I can see the blood. sweat and tears that went into these projects.

  94. Sue D

    This is so hard to pick a favorite but I will go with
    Charity Becker's memo board.

  95. Jeanie Johnson

    My favorite is Cheryl Hutcherson.  The layout is so pretty with the ribbon flowers and the subject is adorable.

  96. Natasha Poteraj

    The hot air balloons are great. Those are my favorite.

  97. Letitia Lauer

    I love so many of these projects… I have to say though for one of the best projects for ribbons it would be…
    Dress form by Cheryl Walker.

  98. Anita A

    They are all amazing. My favorite is Cheryl Walker's dress forms.

  99. Sharon Gullikson

    Charity Becker's memo board is my favorite. It is pretty, and useful. This was a very tough challenge as far as I was concerned.

  100. Melina Borrero

    Cheryl Walkers  Dress form  is unique.

  101. Cheryl Walker

    beuatiful job to all that entered!!!! I LOVE the Ribbon Lady, not sure if we were to pick too, but I just had to leave a comment on my favorite as well 🙂
    Hugs to all,
    Cheryl Walker

  102. Michele D

    Congrats on such beautiful projects to all the ladies!!  My two favs are the dress form by Cheryl Walker, and the memo board by Charity Becker. 

  103. Gloria Westerman

    Oh I love the dress form by Cheryl Walker….that took some time to make all those bows….awesome…

  104. Christina

    My favorite is the Dress form by Cheryl Walker

  105. Mary Jo Hendrickson

    So many wonderful designs in this challenge.  Everyone did do a wonderful job.  My favorite is Lynn Ochs with the Ribbon Lady.  The ribbons for this project are very obvious and highlighted well.

  106. Jessica A

    What stunning artwork! My favorite is Charity's memo board. Gorgeous embroidery.

  107. Donna Gabbard

    My favorite is the layout by Cheryl Hutcherson.  The colors on the layout are gorgeous and the little girl is absolutely adorable!

  108. Bobby Mosteller

    Cheryl's Layout is the best.

  109. Elysia

    Cheryl Hutcherson's is my favorite!

  110. Cheryl Ciocca

    Everyone did a wonderful job.  My favorite is the Desk Set made by Laura Cox.  

  111. Sherry

    All the creations are wonderful and I like them all! But my Favorite has to be Karen’s Hot Air Balloons, they are simply fabulous!

  112. Cheryl wage

    My favorite is the umbrella card!  I just love it.

  113. Tammy Hall

    It is so hard to decide.  I have several that I think are beautiful and used the ribbons that they were given to create something beautiful. My picks are not in order other than the order that I saw them.  The Dress Form, The Christening Bib, The Umbrella, the Ribbon Lady and finally the Powder Puff Mini Album.  I know that Im probably only supposed to pick one, but how is that possible. Now the Ribbon Lady can make her final decision.  Good luck with that!!! LOL And cudos to all the crafters!

  114. Nina Nuernberger

    Seriously, how are we supposed to choose one favorite????! I am not going to choose a favorite, but i have to say Karen's hot air balloons are amazing! The mobile and powder puff album are adorable! Love Jasmine's card set! Laura's notebook gift set is a fabulous idea! And the fancy umbrella card is beautiful! In fact, ALL of the projects are beautful!

  115. Linda R

    Wow!  So much talent, so hard to choose….however….I love May Park's design.  All of her work is beautiful and creative.  Also inspirational!

  116. Amy Jones#8546

    So Talented….My favorite would have to be Karen Hanson's Hot air balloons.  Stunning

  117. Debbie G

    How great is the desk set by Laura Cox….so pretty and useful….

  118. Angie Shepherd

    truely amazing talented people.
    My favourite would have to be Cheryl – Dress Form
    well done crafty ladies.

  119. Chunyuan

    gorgesous projects.  Love the color and texture of the silk ribbon. They are my favorite.

  120. Miriam Prantner

    Wow!  These are some great, great projects, but the one that really got my attention is Karen Hansen's balloons.  AMAZING!

  121. Christine Dring

    These are all amazing projects, but the one that jumped off the page at me was Karen Hanson's Hot Air Balloons! Wow! They are fantastic!

  122. Cheryl Hutcherson

    Love the dress form by Cheryl Walker!

  123. Pam Phelps

    OMG! you mean with all these wonderful projects we can only choose 1. WOW!. Ok, my pick is ———————————The Chirstening Bib. It is fabulous.

  124. Lynda T.

    Great projects.  I really like the desk set by Laura Cox.  Nice colors and just a great project.

  125. H. Barkalow

    All the ladies did beautiful work but my favorite is the Desk Set made by Laura Cox.  I could actually use it, not just look at it!

  126. Gulden Bolat

    I love all of them but the card set is my favorite!

  127. Theresa E

    These are all terrific but I really like the desk set by Laura Cox. Great job.

  128. KathyR.

      I really loved the desk set by Laura Cox.. I love the colors and the ribbon looks really nice with it..

  129. Penny Kitzmiller

    WOW now that is what you call amazing!!!!!  I loved each and every entry but I would have to pick the "hot air balloons" as my favorite…Thank you for this increditable inspiration!!!!

  130. Beatrice Lawson

    OMG, how can one choose? Love the ubrella, the ribbon lady, the Christening bib, those soaring air balloons, the Thank You card set annd the dress form… not that the others are less gorgeous, it's just that your head spins as you keep looking at it all!

  131. Kari Cosentino

    WOW!!!  htere are so many great projects herre.  Such talent and diversity. If I have to pick a favorite, I think it's Jasmine Ford's card set as she did so much crafting and different designs.  Fabulous!!

  132. Charity Becker

    IN LOVE with them all!!!! Cheryl Walkers dress from is MY fav!
    Beautiful work, ladies.

  133. Samantha T.

    Wow those are some incredible projects! What talent!

  134. Kim

    oh my!!  ummmm, can I vote for 3??  I'll cast my vote for the memo board.

  135. Jeyatha

    Beautiful Projects.. Like them all..

  136. Caro

    wow, great projects and all so different! my favorite is the umbrella!


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