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Sheet Music Wreath

Hi all! Jen here and I thought I’d show you how easy it is to make a trendy sheet music wreath!



I started with a book of sheet music I picked up at Goodwill!



I cut a large circle out of cardboard for a base & then started rolling sheet music cones.



I used hot glue to secure the cones- sorry for the quality of this pic- it is surprisingly difficult to apply hot glue AND take a picture! 😀



Next you just start gluing those cones down to your base!



Here’s what it looks like from the back with the first row glued in place.



And the front- (I rolled/glued a bunch at a time to try to have some consistency, that way I could glue this entire row at once)



Second row down, trying to fill all the spaces evenly!



I cut several ‘blossoms’ for the center using spellbinder dies in 2-3 sizes.



I crumpled the sheet music (carefully, it’s vintage & tears easily!) and added a pleated satin flower. I used Prima Ribbonista Kimberly Jones’ tutorial found here for the flower. That’s a Bazzill adhesive jewel in the center!



I cut a cardstock center large enough to cover the open area between the cones. Using 1.5” double faced satin in black, I hot glued it, ruffling as I adhered.



Twice around & I tucked the end under. I hot glued the flower center & added the whole thing to my wreath.



I hot glued a loop of 3/8” double faced satin to the back of the wreath for hanging.



These wreaths are pretty simple & would be fun to do with patterned paper as well- can’t you imagine a Thanksgiving wreath with gorgeous fall paper?

That’s it for me today- hope you’ve been inspired!

Blog post by: Jen Shears

  1. Scarlet Coers

    Do you ell the sheet music flowers & wreaths wholesale?

  2. Eliz

    This is so beautiful, the selection of music sheets makes the decoration so special

  3. Charlene Austin

    Jeennnn! You are too cool for school GF! Looove this.

  4. Trinh

    I love this fab design, Jen! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  5. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    Beautiful!! LOVE this tutorial!

  6. Karen K

    I have been inspired. Nice looking wreath. I like the sheet music you used but also patterned papers for a holiday or to match your decor would be great too.

  7. Peggy Cain

    I LOVE this!!! I’ve been wanting to make one and how I’ve been inspired to get busy on it. thanks for the great tutorial!!! love the center perfect use of MARibbon.

  8. Janet Sisk

    LOVE it! I am a BIG fan of using sheet music on my cards so this REALLY caught my eye. Love the flower middle! 😀

  9. Kristie Maynard

    How cool is that. Great idea!

  10. Charlene

    Totally awesome, Jen!!

  11. Gloria Westerman

    How awesome is this!!!!!! I love it….will have to try and make one for myself….love this idea…..the ribbons just makes it POP……and so creative….thank you for sharing…

  12. Kathy P

    Wow…very cool! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  13. Holly Tolman

    This is awesome! I love the idea of this!

  14. Melinda Wilson

    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Shelly

    Great tutorial. I’ve been wanting to make one of these and after seeing your wreath I’m definitely doing it. So pretty!

  16. erin t

    It’s stunning!!! And I love it’s elegant look in B&W.

  17. Kimberly Jones

    So gorgeous Jen! I love vintage sheet music, and your tutorial is so well written! Pretty flower too!

  18. Christine Dring

    As Austin Powers would say, “Very Grrrr Baby!”

  19. Cindy Holshouser

    Super cool Jen. Love sheet music projects!

  20. Carole Hepburn

    So great – thank you for sharing ! Awesome directions ~~

  21. NinaN

    I love that! I love the look of sheet music and this a great way to use it!


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