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Shadow Box Picture Frame

Hi everyone this is Monica! I created a photo frame with different May Art ribbons and PSA Stamps. 

I wanted to created a scene to go along with the photo and stamp set so I made a palm tree and added some sand using more May Arts ribbon.  The palm tree was easy to make with wired ribbon because you can pull the wires to create a crinkled look and then shape it.  The wire inside the ribbon helps to keep its shape.

I used the seashell stamp and added embossing powder to give it a glossy look which accents the sentiment

Then I stamped the crab on the ribbon created sand pile

Such a super cute way to create a scene inside a shadow box picture frame – the possibilities are endless with May Arts Ribbon!

Blog post by: Monica Edwards


  1. Sue D

    Very special–love how you made the palm tree.

  2. Linda R.

    Great shadowbox!

  3. Donna Sue

    How clever! Love palm trees.

    1. Monica

      This ribbon and colors were perfect for the palm trees gorgeous colors

  4. sharon gullikson

    What an awesome idea! My daughter's boyfriend's family is from Hawaii, and would love something like that!!

    1. Monica

      Sharon it is super easy to make if you have any questions i would love to show you how to do it

  5. Kristie Maynard

    What a lovely project.  Very creative and just beautiful! TFS!

  6. Clancy Smith

    This is a beautiful project. Thanks for the idea for given ribbon a new way to use!!!

    1. Monica

      the wired ribbon is super easy to use for.. something like this it allows you to shape better.. So give it a try

  7. Ann

    Gorgeous picture frame – amazing what you did with the ribbon!!

  8. Virginia Fynes

    cute idea!

  9. Cheryl wage

    That is beautiful!  What great ideas!

  10. Jamie Greene

    This is so neat!


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