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September Tribute

Every September since 2001, my mind can’t help but wander to the horrific devastation of 9/11.  To this day I remember, as most of you I’m sure, where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news of the New York Twin Towers being hit by airplanes.  I was on my way to work listening to the radio in my car, which I didn’t usually do.  My husband had just returned home from a 2 week annual training with the Army National Guard.  Once I arrived at work I called him and told him to turn on the T.V.  From that day forward, there was worry and concern of him being deployed, especially when we went to war in Iraq.  He did take his turn and was in Iraq for a full year, from 2004-2005.  There are so many lives and families who have suffered from 9/11 and the war.  However, September of 2010 can be remembered as the time our troops are beginning to come home for good.  In honor of all those who have suffered from these afflictions this wreath is a tribute that I will hang on my door every September.

ribbon wreath

This wreath was so fun to create.  I love making wreaths I must admit.  To begin with I started with a bound straw wreath 18”, and bare slatted wood 12 X 12”. From the time I saw this wood piece at the craft store, I’ve wanted to make a flag with it.  When I started to brain storm of how to accomplish this, my mind went straight to May Arts EM net ribbon, and the light went on…  mod podge.  Yes, I also love mod podge.  If you haven’t used it before, roll up your sleeves and give it a shot.  It’s easy, and I promise you’ll become addicted.

ribbon wreath

First things first!  In addition to the wreath and wood, you will also need…..

  • Ribbon, a lot of beautiful ribbon
  • Floral Ivy (6 to 8 feet long)
  • Floral pins
  • Floral wire
  • Mod Podge
  • Craft Paint ( I used Maple Syrup color)
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint brushes
  • Spray paint (hunter green)
  • Navy Blue Material 6”x10”
  • Letter, Number Stickers
  • Hot glue, and glue gun
  • AX30 Gold Stars 5 yards
  • CS03 Sheer Navy/Gold Stars
  • EM14 Red net 4 yards
  • EM01 White net 4 yards
  • Wreath Hanger
  • Pinking Sheers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Book
  • E-Z Bow maker (if you have one)

ribbon wreath

I typically spray my wreath what ever color of floral I’m using.  We will be using green Ivy, so I used hunter green spray paint to paint my wreath.  While your wreath is drying, paint your slatted wood.  While the wood is drying, you’ll now pin your ivy to your wreath using the floral pins.

ribbon wreath

You will want to pin the ivy only to the front and sides of the wreath, this will make it lay flat against your door.  You also don’t need to go into the center too much since your flag will cover this part.

  • Randomly lay your ivy on the wreath and push the floral pin into the straw to tack it down.  Piece of cake!
  • Now you will randomly weave your gold stars among the Ivy and pin with the floral pins.  Don’t the gold stars among the Ivy give it such a rich, exquisite look?

ribbon wreathribbon wreath

Your wood should be dry at this point, now sand your edges to take away some of the paint to give it a little bit of the stressed look.  This is not needed if you don’t prefer this look.

  • Next get your paint brush and mod podge.  You are simply going to paint the mod podge on the wood and lay the net on top.
  • Also paint mod podge over top of your net while on the wood to reassure it’s glued for good.
  • Cut your material, I used pinking sheers to keep it from fraying while painting the mod podge, and paint some of the mod podge on the slats and place your material down pressing smoothly to get out any air bubbles.
  • Put mod podge on top of the material focusing over the edges to reinforce.
  • Also put mod podge in center of material to glue your stars.
  • I then put a book on top of the stars only, just to give it enough weight to make sure the stars stay pressed down to dry.

ribbon wreath

To make the bow, I used my E-Z bow maker I purchased years ago from the craft store.

  • I found on line you can purchase them from It makes big bows a snap to make.  By the way they did not pay me for that little advertisement.
  • The bottom two layers are the white net and the sheer blue star ribbons combined in 8” and 6” bows, 3 loops each side on both layers. (loops will be 4”and 3”from center of bow)
  • I then added 3 strips of gold stars for the middle.
  • The top bow is layered 4 times, starting with 5”, 4 ½”, 4”, and 3” bow layers 3 loops each side each layer. ( a 5” bow will have 2 ½” loops from center of bow, etc.)
  • I then put them together with floral wire and wired it to the wreath.

At this point your flag should be fairly well dry.

  • Add the sticker letters and put a layer of mod podge over them to make them permanent.
  • Make your burlap bow with tails, and hot glue to the top corner of the flag.
  • Once the letters are dry wire your flag to the wreath.
  • Weave in the burlap tails through Ivy, and tack down with your floral pins.

Your wreath is now complete to hang.  Absolutely Beautiful!!


Blog Posted By: Andrea Miller

  1. Leah

    Andrea..this is a wonderful idea and a great tutorial.

  2. Charlene

    Lovely themed wreath, Andrea. We also will never forget. God bless America!

  3. kathy s

    what a great wreath and the thought behind it. thanks for sharing.

  4. jen shears

    Great job on this, Andrea!!!! 🙂


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