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Scrapbooking With Ribbon

Entry #8 from our Calling All Bloggers Challenge was sent to us by Jennifer Hadder of Jenn's Crafty Creations.  Check it out & post your comments!

Sisters Forever

scrapbooking with ribbon

I have this package of Cottage Wall paper from Stampin’ Up that I just LOVE because of the beautiful colors, flowers, and butterflies. So I thought, why not make a scrapbook page. I figured I could go ahead and make something with it so I could admire the pretty paper in my scrapbook instead of keeping it in the package and hoarding it, like everything else I have!

scrapbooking with ribbon

So I gathered a picture of each of my daughter’s, grabbed some ribbon, a button, and went to work. I started out with 4 different May Arts ribbons but only ended using 3 of them. The first one was the Purple Faux Linen 1½ “ribbon (368-15-47). I thought it would make a beautiful flower. When I first got it, I thought it was wired. Quickly found out it didn’t have wire but has something that reminded me of fishing line. I was like, this is cool! I cut about 24 inches, found one of the lines on one side of the ribbon and decided to pull. This gathers the ribbon into a flower.

scrapbooking with ribbon

I discovered that I didn’t need all of the ribbon so I cut off the excess. I didn’t even stitch it, just tied the line into a knot. Next I wanted to make a small flower for the center of the purple flower.

scrapbooking with ribbon

I used the White Solid/Wrinkled ½ “ribbon (EA01). For this one I needed needle and thread. I didn’t cut any type of length off this one because of the first flower experience. I sewed the ends together and another flower was made. Then it was time to put the page together.  
I cut 3 butterfly lengths of the White Sheer Butterflies 1 ½ “ribbon (QT09) for the side of the page. I secured it to the back of the page, put my pictures on and glue dotted the flowers on.

scrapbooking with ribbon

scrapbooking with ribbon

I then put a light green butterfly button in the center of the flower, inked a single butterfly that was cut off the excess ribbon (cut around the sheer part of the butterfly or you will lose the bead in the center) and adhered it to the flower.

I journaled a little, found some sticker letters and dotted the "i" in sisters with a bead from the center of one of the leftover butterflies.


scrapbooking with ribbon

Since I had some scraps left over from the paper and a piece of this purple faux linen ribbon, I thought why not make a card! We always need a card and you already have your supplies out! I even used the butterfly from where I took the center off for the dotting in the layout. Imagine my find when I discovered that they are two layered! Add a little rhinestone bling in the center, a birthday stamp, and your card is complete!

  1. Charlene

    Sweet page. Love your layout.

  2. Joan

    I love anything with butterflies! This is just the cutest layout!!! I love the colors you used and especially how you used your “left overs” to make that darling card.


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