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Scrapbooking with May Arts Burlap String

Entry #15 from our Calling All Bloggers challenge was sent to us by Samantha Sibbet of More Paper Please:

Scrapbooking with Burlap String

ribbon challenge

Hello, my name is Samantha and I am thrilled to be blogging for May Arts today.
You and I both know that May Arts makes the most divine ribbon.  Did you know that they also make a wonderful Burlap String that is perfect for paper crafters?  It’s true.  Besides being available in 12 colors, May Arts Burlap String is thin enough to thread small button holes and you can even hand stitch your paper with it.

Let’s get started on a sweet little tag.

ribbon challenge


You will need…

  • May Arts SM10 Burlap String, I used the natural color
  • Office tag
  • Spray mist
  • Button
  • Die cut bird
  • Crepe paper
  • Needle
  • Scalloped scissors

Step One

With the scalloped scissors and a scrap piece of cardstock cut a
heart.  Lightly affix the heart to your tag with a small amount of non
permanent adhesive.  Spray the tag with the spray mist and let dry.

ribbon challengeribbon challenge


Step Two

Lift off your heart mask.  Now you are ready to stitch!  The secret to
hand stitching on paper is to poke your thread holes first.  With your
needle or paper piercer, begin poking holes within your misted heart. 
You will make holes where you want each of your stitches to be.  Thread
your needle and secure your string in the back with a piece of tape. 
Using a backstitch -stitch through the holes that you just made.  Use
tape to secure your string to the back of the tag when finished.

ribbon challengeribbon challengeribbon challenge


Step Three

Time to embellish your tag.  I used crepe ribbon to create a ruffled
edge along the bottom.  You could do this with crepe streamers or
fabric ribbon as well.  Wrap May Arts Burlap String five times over the
crepe and secure in the back with tape.  Thread a button with May Arts
Burlap String and secure over you’re your wrapped string with a dab of
craft glue.  Add a cute die cut bird, I used a dimensional adhesive to
pop it up.

ribbon challengeribbon challenge

That’s it!  Your tag is ready to be added to a special gift or you could adhere to a card and send it to someone special. 

ribbon challenge

I decided to use my tag in a lay out of my two favorite girls.  I stuck it right on with a few dimensional adhesive dots.

ribbon challengeribbon challenge

  1. Eniko

    Could those little girls be any cuter? I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that burlap string!

  2. Heidi

    Oh so pretty Sam! I love the rough texture of the burlap string with the delicateness of your girly page. Beautiful!


  3. Charlene

    Love the texture the burlap gives your tag.

  4. Linda Beeson

    Love how it looks tied in the button.

  5. Suzanne Sergi

    This is fabulous Samantha! So pretty!!!

  6. laterg8r

    ooo, i love that you can hand stitch with it – that has me sold 😀

    wonderful page samantha 😀

  7. Nancy

    I really love how you put that tag together! That burlap string really adds something wonderful, doesn’t it? Your layout is gorgeous, as always!

  8. Jenni Hufford

    beautiful, samantha!!!

  9. Lexi

    You know I love everything you do friend and this is no exception! And you are right..the May Arts burlap string is AWESOME!

  10. steph

    oo sam, your layout is sooo sweet! i love how you used the burlap string! the stitching is adorable. thanks for the tute and thanks for sharing :)! *hugs* steph 🙂

  11. judean

    I adore your layout, and the tag is the perfect touch! p.s. my daughter has the same dress–love it!!

  12. Jenifer

    great Layout and I did not know that they had burlap strings in colors 🙂 Now I have to go check them out. Thanks for the tip!


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