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Scrapbook ribbon


Scrapbook ribbon.

Christmas-2003. sketch used: MY SKETCH WORLD

Kept the LO simple and used XR Solid/Plaid and BS Gray/red
behind the pictures.

Scrapbook ribbon



Scrapbook ribbon


Scrapbook ribbon Scrapbook ribbon


Turtle.  Sketch
used:  Scrapbooks, Etc

I followed the sketch and added knotted KB Green Plaid, in
place of a flourish. WH Blue/Green Reversible Grosgrain, was also used.


Scrapbook ribbon



Scrapbook ribbon


Scrapbook ribbon Scrapbook ribbon


 Read.  Sketch used: Aug 2009 Pagemaps.

 5 different ribbons
used, all sewn on w/ zig-zag stitch. 
(Ribbons: EX  Satin/Cutouts , TS
antique gold, TS Champagne, BA satin center ruffle, WP chenille dot)

Scrapbook ribbon



Scrapbook ribbon


Scrapbook ribbonScrapbook ribbon


 Sweet Pets. Sketch
used: 52 sketches

 WPP Green chenille
dot and 337-14 olive satin were pleated, and sewn in place.

Scrapbook ribbon



Scrapbook ribbon


Scrapbook ribbonScrapbook ribbon

A center border was created with 3 different ribbons:
EM Orange Net, EX37 Satin/Cutout, BS38 Solid/ Iridescent.TS antique gold and the Satin/ cutout were
used as a corner embellishment.

Scrapbook ribbon


Scrapbook sketches can be a wonderful guide for a

A lot of elements go into the process of scrapbooking.  You have to make a lot of decisions, and
getting hung up on any of them can stop your creative juices in their tracks
and turn something that should be a relaxing creative outlet into an exercise
in frustration.

6 years ago, as a brand new scrapbookie,  I was relieved and oh so happy to discover an
amazing tool called the scrapbook sketch. 
A sketch showed me possibilities for picture placement, title placement,
even where to put embellishments. 

 I might use  PART of a
sketch, or the whole thing.  It became a
blueprint, a pattern, a recipe for me to follow—or to tweak—as needed!

Of course there are still many many creative decisions to

  • What topic will be selected (kids, pets,
    occupation, vacations, holidays, recipes, home, family history, babies, travel,
    dreams, goals, favorite things…the possibilities are endless!)
  • Which pictures will be used and how many are
    needed to tell my story. Digital, or vintage pics, color or black and white,
    “photoshopping” elements, size of pictures, etc.
  • Which supplies will you use?–patterned papers,
    embellishments, AND OF COURSE…which May Arts ribbons to use!


If you use sketches the placement is all done for you!  You can then focus on all these other
creative elements.


Currently scrapbook sketches are so readily available and
easy to find, they are really a scrapbooker’s friend.  Many blogs are devoted to the sketch.  This week, I decided to use some of the
sketches, and demonstrate how you can follow and adapt them to create a few
pages.  Of course I can’t scrapbook
without my May Arts Ribbons, so they feature prominently on my pages.


Here are just a few wonderful sites that offer free
scrapbook page sketches.


52 sketches – 

Got Sketch –

Inspired Blueprints –

My Sketch World –

Page Maps –

Pencillines –

Scrapbooks etc. –

Scrap sketch –

So Sketchy –

Twisted sketches –

Unscripted Sketches –


(Or google “scrapbook sketches” and select the “IMAGE”
option.  I found 572,000 in 8 seconds! )


Blog Posted by: Leah Farrar-White


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  1. Maria

    I love how you used ribbon to add to the pictures. Wonderful ideas.

  2. Laurie

    I love how you’re so creative with the ribbons!!

  3. Daiva

    Love sketches!! Your examples are fantastic – I love the way you use ribbons on your layouts!

  4. Sherri Priest

    great sketches. I’m saving them to use.

  5. Beth

    i’m a scrapbooking newbie, these sketches really help simplify the process. trying to imagine the fabric, ribbons, & embellishments as a complete piece is made so much easier – less daunting. thanks!

  6. Sandie

    Gorgeous layouts Leah, feeling all inspired now!!

  7. Jennifer

    Fun LO’s

    Many sketches out there can use..

    Thank for inspiration!

    I need to get back to scrapping!

  8. Wendi R

    oh wow how fun!!! I just love sketches and all the examples, such fun ways to work the ribbons!!! great job

  9. Diane Adams

    Thanks for the great Monday morning inspiration! Love the LO’s!

  10. Alecia Castro

    Love me some sketches and oh my WORD these layouts are so fun Leah! Way to rock the sketches!!


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