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Everywhere I look I am seeing scarves.  It seems that the season doesn’t really
matter. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall…they are in fashion.  However, right now for me-scarves are not
only about fashion they are about function.
It is cold. Taking some of my favorite ribbons I incorporated them into
cozy comfy scarves.

Ribbon - scarf


Ribbon - scarf


Seed Stitch Scarf with Twisted Rope Fringe


Wool yarn

Size 10 knitting needles



May Arts Twisted rope


  • Knit
    scarf with seed stitch.

(Cast on 9 stitches-alternate
k,p,k,p to end of row)

  • Repeat
    until you reach desired length, bind off.
  • Add

(Loop rope and pull through the
edge of your scarf.  Widen the loop so
that you can pull the bottom of the rope through. Trim and knot rope at desired
length.  Continue on both short edges of
scarf until you have the desired amount of fringe.

  • Sew
    on buttons above fringe.


Ribbon - scarf


Ribbon - scarf


Flannel Scarf with Four Ribbons

For this project I adapted a pattern from Fall 2009 Quilts
and More magazine. In place of fabric I used four different ribbons.

May Arts ribbons used:
WR10 black velvet/ric rac, BS gray/red
solid/iridescent in 2 sizes and BW red loose braid/wired.


Blog Posted By:  Leah Farrar-White


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  1. Maria

    Love the scarves. The ribbons really dress up a plain scarf. The red and white ribbon would be fun for a Christmas scarf or wrap.

  2. Jennifer

    What a great idea!! Not to scary for my limited sewing skills….thanks for the idea!

  3. Deanne

    Those are fantastic Leah!!!! I gotta make some of those!!!

  4. Daiva

    Those scarves are adorable – what a fun project!

  5. wendi r

    what a great project and great way to dress up a scarf and really make it your own!!! looks soo fun!!!!

  6. Kimberly Madrid

    Oh, these are so fun! Love the fresh scarf ideas. Much better than “regular” scarves.

  7. Alecia Castro

    These are so very fun and creative! Got my wheels a spinning already Leah!!

  8. doris

    fantastic project!


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