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Satin Cut-outs Smashing


Experimenting with new techniques and getting the most out of my crafting supplies are two of my favorite things to do. I stumbled upon a really fun way to use up some scrap May Arts ribbon-I’m calling it the Satin Cut-out Smashing Technique! Doesn’t the name even sound like fun? The process is really simple and easy, and you really only need a few supplies!



Step One: Gather your supplies.

• May Arts Satin Star Cut-outs (EX31)

Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze in Aloha Green

• Solid white cardstock

• ~10 in. May Arts Grosgrain/Stripe 5/8 in. Ribbon in Red

• Stamps and Ink

• Thread and Sewing Machine


Step Two: Paint the cut-out with the glaze to the point of saturation.


Step Three: Smash the cut-out between two pieces of cardstock. Rub the top piece of cardstock hard and consistent so that you transfer the majority of the glaze onto the paper.


Step Four: Flick additional glaze onto the paper and allow to throroughly dry. Create a tag by cutting the cardstock to size, rounding the edges and stamping a sentiment. Stitch grosgrain onto cardstock to form a loop to complete the tag.


Tips and tricks:

• The painted cut-outs can be reused over and over to make multiple tags. Simply repaint and “re-smash”.

• May Arts offers a huge variety of satin cut-outs and Tattered Angels has many different Glaze colors. The combinations and possibilities are endless for creating tags for different seasons and occasions.

• Instead of creating a tag, trim your custom designed paper and use in replace of store bought patterned paper on your cards.


Blog post by: Karen Baker

  1. Natasha G.P.

    I just noticed the stitching on the ribbon. What a great idea. It is not only cute, but it will stay.

  2. Sharon Gullikson

    I must say, you come up with some great crafts. I love to see every single one.

  3. Micah Gullikson-Poteraj

    This is a cool technique. Nice.

  4. Annette A.

    very cute tag…love it

  5. Jen W.

    Awesome idea and great name for the technique! Love how the snowflakes look with that yummy striped ribbon!

  6. Andrea

    Karen, this is GORGEOUS! Love this tag and technique!!! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  7. Alice W.

    really cool technique. love the watercolor effect it creates. thanks so much for the inspiration, Karen!

  8. Sav O'G

    WOW! What a fun technique:)

  9. Charlene

    Smashing idea, Karen!

  10. Sue McRae

    Sounds like a fun technique!

  11. Barb King

    Now that is my kind of technique- smashing in involved- sound messy and fun!

  12. Jenny M

    The finished effect looks so subtle and pretty! Great way to use up leftovers 🙂
    Jenny x

  13. B. Poteraj

    Nice. I’ll try it.

  14. Chari

    This technique is simply SMASHING Karen! 🙂

  15. Amanda Coleman

    I love the idea of sewing on the ribbon rather than the traditional “pull through”. So pretty!

  16. Christine Dring

    Wow! This is brilliant!!

  17. erin

    Oh what a great idea…

  18. Christina

    Great technique! I’m all about smashing things together and creating something awesome! Thanks for sharing, and yes! This sounds like a “smashing” good time! (I also love a well-placed cheesy pun!)


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