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Rustic Valentine’s Day Hearts

Hello ribbon lovers!! With Valentine’s Day almost upon us I have a quick and cute décor idea that will be sure warm anyone’s heart.

Rustic Valentine's Day Hearts


Here is what you will need:

May Arts Ribbon used:


Other Supplies used:

  • Paper cover wire
  • Wire


Start with a bit of paper covered wire and a smaller bit of wire.

Michele_Rustic Hearts_2

Attach the ends of the paper cover wired with the wire and then bend into a heart shape.

Michele_Rustic Hearts_3

Tie the end of the burlap string on the heart where you want the hanger to end up.

Michele_Rustic Hearts_4

Begin wrapping around the heart, looping each time where you attach to the heart. End at the beginning to create the hanger.

Michele_Rustic Hearts_5

I used the red silk to add a double bow at the hanger.

Rustic Valentine's Day Hearts

I created 2 different sizes.

Rustic Valentine's Day Hearts

Ahhh, the rustic feel of these hearts speaks to me. 🙂 

Rustic Valentine's Day Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Until next time…wrap yourself in ribbon!

By Michele Kosciolek


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