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Rub it on – Make your own designer ribbon! (Giveaway Included) – Winner!

Welcome back to the May Arts blog!  Today we’ve got a time and money saving way for you to stretch your May Arts Ribbon to create a variety of different looks with very little effort using rub ons.   

Let’s get started! 


Supply List:


Here’s how easy it is…after all, the sun’s shining and we need to get the kids to the pool, right? 


1.     Lay your May Arts Ribbon choice(s) on a flat surface.  Choose your desired rub on, cut it out, then start rubbing with a popsicle stick or something smooth like a bone folder.   Make sure to rub the edges well.  Peel slowly.  Replace and rub thoroughly on any areas that didn’t stick.


2.     That’s it!  One easy step to re-invent your May Arts ribbons!



I’ve used my rubbed on ribbon to add both texture and dimension to my cards. 




How many ways can you think of to ”Rub it On your May Arts ribbon”?  I’ve got a couple of packages of fun rub ons to send to a random commenter here on the May Arts blog so get your thinking caps on!  You’ve got a week from the time this post appears to leave your comment.

May Arts is also throwing in 3 spools of ribbon (your choice) to the lucky winner! 

Good Luck!  ๐Ÿ™‚


Blog post by: Charlene Driggs


For another chance to win some fun goodies & May Arts Ribbon, go to our YouTube Channel & subscribe!


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


58. Pat K  August 17, 2011 @ 9:25 PM

"The rub-ons are a great way to give ribbon and extra special touch"


Pat, email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize.

  1. Kristie Maynard

    How did I miss this post. I love this idea. I have lots of rub-ons and love using them, but haven’t use them on ribbon, Wonderful idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Spyder

    Fabulous idea, never thought of rub-on but have printed on ribbon!


  3. Aki

    Wow, it’s great~ I should try it now. XD

  4. Kathy P

    I love rubons, and have more than I could EVER use on my scrap pages! So I am so grateful for this simple fun technique. I am going to try to use my hoard of alpha rub ons to make journaling strips on ribbon!

  5. JacqueBee

    What a cute idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Happy crafting everybody!

  6. erin t

    What a great idea!

  7. natasha g.p.

    Rub ons are great on so many surfaces. I’ve added them to pumpkins for Halloween.

  8. b. poteraj

    I love to use rub ons mostly on paper. I like that you used it on ribbon.

  9. sharon gullikson

    I like to use rub ons when I make tags for foody gifts. I wish that there were more to choose from…..I guess stamps will suffice.

  10. {vicki}

    what a great use of rub ons!

  11. Lynn

    Ah….! this inspires me to use some of those rub-ons I’ve had stashed away. Very clever!

  12. Helen LeBrett

    What an amazing idea!!! I LOVE it!!! I’ll be trying this one out, many times I’m sure. thanks for the great idea Charlene ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. ellen s

    loooove this! so awesome!

  14. vickie

    wonderful ribbons! i love the butterfly card.

  15. Pat K

    I follow May arts on you tube

  16. Pat K

    The rub-ons are a great way to give ribbon and extra special touch

  17. Naomi a. Of CO

    You can also spray diluted bleach to create a unique look.

  18. DJ

    This would also be a great way to make name tags for some affairs! So much nicer looking than a sticker with just a name written in a marker!!

  19. DJ

    With the rubons and some clasps this would make some awesome jewelery, neck bands and wide braclets, especially for the younger crowd,
    So many ideas are popping into my head.
    Will be back to post some more.
    Thanks for the chance and the ideas.!!

  20. Maria Matter

    how fabulous!
    I would never have thought to use rub ons on ribbon…love the results!

  21. Rebecca Ednie

    I don’t know how many ways I can think f but maybe my one suggestion will be unique. I’ve made card before with tabs of looped ribbon sticking out from under a panel. Maybe use two or three tabs plus a two or three word sentiment and put one word on each tab. I just made an altered box and that would have been awesome!

  22. Marie / Legojenta

    Such a great idea to use rub-ons on ribbons! You can also rub on ink, distress ink, distress stains and paint on your ribbons to change their apperance =)

  23. Denise Coulter

    Love this idea! I’ve used rub on stitching on ribbon but not images. What a wonderful idea. Completely changes the look of your ribbon.

  24. Diana N.

    Wow, What a great idea. I can’t wait to try it.

  25. Xinia

    Beatiful ideas!!! Iยดll try them, thks for sharing

  26. Carol Ann Ater

    Wonderful idea. Never ever would have thought to even try this technique without your suggestion. Thank you, i’m off to add Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter’s paged ribbon.

  27. Theresa in Kitimat

    I love this idea. Thanks for sharing. I have some alpha rub ons that I have never used. I can imagine Christmas ribbon with the words Noel or Merry Xmas.
    Thanks for offering blog candy.

  28. Melinda Wilson

    I have used rub-on letters on ribbon before to spell out messages or names. I love using this idea and also adding numbers to make a date.

  29. Monika/buzsy

    Oh, what a fabulous idea. I have a bunch of rub-ons, but hardly ever use them! Hmmm… can’t think of another day of using it…

  30. joni

    I never knew I could apply rubons to ribbon. Great idea!

  31. roxyfur

    This is such a great idea!! You could make some cute aprons and use rub-ons to decorate the ties, or rub-on some buttons onto your t-shirt for a faux shirt look!

  32. Lucy

    I never thought of this! What a fantastic idea. I will certainly try it. Can’t think of another idea though. That’s why I check this blog every day – for ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance.

  33. Lillian

    What a FABULOUS idea! I have a ton of rub-ons that would work so well with this technique! Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. SuZeQ

    Yes, I have used rubbings on ribbons before … isn’t it a great invention?

  35. Pam

    What a great idea! So many possibilities, the first that comes to mind is personalizing, of course. I am going to have to try this. Thanks for the chance to win May Arts goodies.


    This is such a great idea. Guess tomorrow I’ll get my ribbon box and take down my container with rub ons and do some designing. Thanks for being so crafty and sharing.

    bobbi i

  37. Tini

    Wow… what a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  38. Alisha

    This idea never occurred to me. Love it! Love the last card

  39. Leanne S

    Fabulous idea! I must give it a try.

  40. Kelley

    I have rub-ons and never use them. I like the idea of putting them on ribbon and having personalized ribbon, this I will try. Thank you for the idea and a chance to win.

  41. Cheryl Arnold

    Thanks for amazing opportunity to win some rub-ons, and May Arts ribbon, which I absolutely love. You can also take distress ink and add to the edges of your ribbon to make it more vintage looking, if using brown tones or perhaps you have some white but want a shade of another color, run your ribbon through your distress ink and voila you have color. Also color the whole ribbon if you want or highlight some dark ribbon.

  42. Carol L

    What a brilliant way to use up those rubons! Who knew this would look so great! Thanks for enlightening me ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Sue from Oregon

    Another great project Miss Charlene! Very fun!!!

  44. Natalie Elphinstone

    What a great idea! To take it even further you could try painting over the top of your ribbon (with rubon applied) with spray mist or ink. The rub-on will act like a resist! Works especially well with white rub-ons ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Jen Clark

    Oh my goodness – I have tons of rub-ons, b/c I use them on canvases, altered projects, and in my art journals…but I NEVER would have thought to use them on ribbon!!! What an awesome idea!!! LOVE this!!!!

  46. Cardcrazed (Karen G)

    I would totally use rub ons to change up ribbon. I have some gorgeous MA seam binding, and I’m just imagining it with some pretty white flowers on it. I would also take the rubbed on ribbon, and make ribbon flowers from it ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. Shartl

    Not seeing my comment so will try again. I signed up as a subscriber on YouTube and love the videos there!
    I am crazy about ribbon and it’s always fun to see new ways to use them. Never thought to use rub-ons with my ribbon but this is just perfect. I can see folding over bits of ribbon to make tabs for mini-albums. Adding rub-ons to match the theme of the album would be fun.

  48. karenladd

    Love new ways to use my rub-ons, and this is a great way to get more mileage out of every ribbon!! This would be a great way of using some of my wide satin ribbons….and making some great personalized gift wraps.

  49. Shartl

    Wow, I love this idea!! Rub-ons would be great on any smooth ribbon, but never though to use them on printed ribbons as well.That gingham looks so cute with the rub-on patterns!
    The ribbons could be folded over and made into little tabs for mini-albums….with rub-on words or decorations to indicate the theme.

  50. Mumsie

    Love this idea! Those cards are super cute!

  51. indy

    I haven’t used rub-ons that much, but am in love of your idea. Wouldn’t it be cute to make little ribbon awards using rub ons?

  52. Amanda Stowers

    Awesome idea! I have a ton of unused rub-ons–now, I know what to do with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Iris S

    You are a genius! Love this tip – fantastic one!

  54. Adi

    What a great tip to use all those old and never used rub ons! I am going to try it this week- will gladly show the results too. THANKS!

  55. Doris

    This is a great way to jazz up ribbon – so easy and a great idea!

  56. natasha G.P.

    Rub ons are really fun to use. It’s like magic…I have used them on cards and treat boxes.

  57. Sharon Gullikson

    I like to put rub ons on paper bags that are decorated. I hope that I win the ribbon and rub ons. You have THE best ribbon!!

  58. b.poteraj

    I had no idea that rub ons would stick. Thanks for the idea. I love to use rubons on paper. It reminds me of when I was a kid–using them on Easter eggs.

  59. Lisa P

    That is some cool ribbon. I love the idea. I’ve never really thought about rub ons being able to stay on the ribbon. I need to go try this for sure.

  60. MARIA

    So, if you use the letter rub-on on ribbons you can do projects/gifts for wedding, and other special events –

  61. Debbie Painter

    I have so many rub-ons!! I Love this idea of using it to make one-of-a-kind ribbon!! What a Great Idea!! Thanks for sharing & a chance to win!!

  62. DeeDee Catron

    This is fantastic! What a wonderful way to customize ribbon!! I’d love to see a white on white! and of course my favorite color combos.. red and black.. line and teal.. blue and brown .. kraft and ANYTHING lol. It’s also possible to make your own rubons with a regular printer! HELLO PERSONAL RIBBONS!!

  63. jean marmo

    Gorgeous!! Very clever idea. Love using rub ons on flowers that I have made out of ribbon.

  64. Anita A

    This is so cool! I love this idea. I have rub ons that need to be used. What a cool way to used ribbon as the main part of the project.

  65. Karen K

    I have to say I love that red and black card. Clever to start the butterflies on the ribbon and then go onto the card. I am creative enough to see something a be able to do it with no trouble but I am not really creative to come up with it on my own. I would love to try rubons on ribbon though.

  66. Viji#5858

    So genius!! Never thought of doing this! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance:) you can probably paint on the ribbons too! Rub it on sounds fun! Unique ribbon every time!

  67. Emily Lanham

    What an awesome way to put to use all of those rub-ons that i have stashed!!!

  68. Susan L

    I love ribbon and rub ons, so how perfect is this idea. Did you also know that the water-less tattoos work just like rub ons too. I tried that very thing this weekend after returning from a Country Music Concert in Ottawa where I picked up lots of the them. Scrapbooker’s don’t forget to pick up your tattoos at you next outing! Easy and free embellies, you could even put them on May Arts Ribbon and add that to your straw cowboy hat.

  69. Marie Otake

    I love rub-ons! They crate a little something extra to projects while still being subtle!!! I never thought to rub them on ribbons!! I’ve never one anything from MA! I would love to get my hands on these and try them myself!!

  70. Sue McRae

    I’m not really into rubons but love the idea of customizing ribbon with them. It would be fun to make custom name ribbons to use and wrap gifts for friends and family!

  71. MARIA

    Oh, my! this is such a great idea!!!! thank you so very much – will have to try this. now I just need some more ribbon from you!!! thanks can’t wait to try it out!!!

  72. Michelle Smith

    What a fun giftaway, I love rub-ons, they are fun to work with. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  73. Christy Kerley

    Love this idea I have done this before I have also found that if you use Satin or smooth ribbon the rubon’s work better too… Great suggestion and idea’s though really like the red and white checkered card would look adorable with ants crawling up it ๐Ÿ™‚


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