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This tutorial was sent to us by Susan Ikin as an entry for the Valentine’s Challenge!  We have been very eager to post this for everyone to see.  So without further delay, here is our honorable mention for our ‘For The Love Of Ribbon’ Valentine’s Challenge:



  • Framed canvas of required size
  • Sufficient wadding to cover canvas and take over edge to back (approx 6 inches more than top and side measurements of canvas)
  • Sufficient fabric to cover canvas and take over edge to back
  • 4 yards of double sided satin ribbon in two colours
  • Extra organza ribbon for ribbon roses
  • Staple gun and staples



  • Place wadding flat on table and place framed canvas face down on wadding. Staple wadding to back of canvas, making sure it is smooth on the front surface.


  • Repeat with fabric, making corners neat.


  • Place ribbon on diagonal on fabric front. Hold in place and staple to back at one side, then pull ribbon firmly and staple on other side.
  • Place another piece of ribbon parallel to the first, 4 inches away from first. Staple into place as before. I used the reverse side of the ribbon on alternate rows.
  • Repeat until all diagonals in one direction are complete.
  • Repeat process with the other color ribbon.


  • Make some ribbon roses – the double sided satin is great for ribbon roses.
  • Stitch the ribbon roses into a bouquet.
  • Pin, staple or stitch the bouquet to the canvas.


  • Hang noticeboard and add beautiful cards to display.


  1. Maria Moore

    This is just beautiful!


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