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Rolled Ribbon Bottle Vase

Hello, May Arts fans!  I am super excited to bring you this fun tutorial!  We are going to turn an ordinary bottle (that may or may not have once contained beer…HA!) into a gorgeous bud vase!  Think about it…how many bottles end up in your recycling bin at home or even worse, in the trash?!  This is a great way to repurpose one and make it a fabulous vase!  These are beautiful gifts when fitted with a single stem, too!



  • You will need around 36 yards of ribbon for a standard sized beer bottle.  If you plan to add areas that aren’t covered in ribbon rolls, you can use less.



  • One glass bottle
  • A strong, quick drying adhesive
  • Any additional embellishments you may choose.  (I used a beautiful paper flower)



Begin by rolling a length of ribbon (about 6 inches or so) into a coil – don’t go too tight, but yet, tight enough to not have a lot of space between layers.



Next, add some blue to the bottom of your bottle and adhere the roll.  Use tweezers or a pencil to poke the ribbon in the center of the coil down so you can’t see the bottle in the middle of the roll.



Alternate your colors and make your way around the bottle.

Continue doing this until your bottle is covered.  This does take some time, but it looks SO good when you get them all adhered!  You can create a chevron-esque pattern by changing directions with your colors as you stack your rows.



Wrap the top of the bottle in the silk ribbon and tie off.  Add an embellishment, like my flower, to the front of your vase and you are done!



I hope you give it a try!!!

Jingle Out.


Blog post by: Jingle

  1. charlene


  2. Jan Hennings

    What a great idea for altering a bottle!

  3. jen shears

    so unique! great idea!

  4. Kristie Maynard

    Very cool idea!

  5. Dana Tatar

    How fun! This would make a great hostess gift for all the upcoming holidays. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  6. MARIA

    oh wow, pretty cool idea – wood be a good Christmas project


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