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Ric Rac Rose

I love finding new adhesive that fits my needs- don’t you? Today I’ll show you how I’ve put Helmar products to use to create a ric rac rose (do you remember the green one from this layout?), as well as a card for a warrior.



I found that Helmar’s Premium Craft Glue works great for holding my ribbon in place to make a rose! I’ve taken 2 pieces of 3/8” velvet ric rac– each approximately 12”.



I used the Helmar’s Premium Craft Glue to hold one end of the pieces together.



Then I twisted them together.



I used forceps to hold the end, and then simply wrapped!



Occasionally I dabbed some of the Helmar’s Premium Craft Glue on the ribbon as I wrapped.



When the rose was the size I wished it to be I cut the excess ribbon off & glued the ends under the bottom. I then used the Premium Craft Glue to glue a pin back on.  (I covered this with muslin, but forgot to get a picture! Sorry!) I also pulled some of the ‘petals’ down a bit.



I used some of Helmar’s Zapdots (1/2” squares) to pop up my focal panel.



I used more of the Premium Craft Glue to make my pink double-faced satin ribbon, and then cut a zapdot in half to adhere it through the cut-out circle. I pinned the rose to the side of the popped-up panel.



Thank you, Helmar, for your wonderful products! And thank you for your time. I hope you’ve been inspired.

If you are one of the women fighting this battle… fight like a girl. You ARE a WARRIOR.

Blog post by: Jen Shears

  1. Kathy P

    WOW! Great card, love the ribbon tutorial!

  2. Laura Cox

    Beautiful job on the ric rac rose!

  3. Trinh

    Wonderful tutorial, Jen! Beautiful rose & perfect encouragement for someone battling breast cancer.

  4. erin

    Fabulous tutorial!

  5. Gloria Westerman

    Sweet!!! Love this idea…

  6. Tanya Hulbert

    It’s just like you to make such a girlie card! Beautiful gift for someone special!

  7. Pam

    awesome little Rose, may just try this one today, have a ton of rick rack and varied sizes, that for sharing…

  8. Pendra

    I just lost my Mom to breast cancer in July. She did fight like a warrior and I am very proud of her for the many extra years she gave us! I would proudly wear this as a pin and I think it just lovely! Thank you for the inspiration and the tutorial…I am going to make this card/pin for both of my Sisters, Daughter and Grandaughters in honor of her!

  9. JenMarie


  10. Jeyatha

    Really liked the rose..

  11. Roxx . T Barnes

    Great tutorial ! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Amanda Coleman

    With the pin on the back that would make a beautiful brooch, too!


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