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1.5 Inch Classic Grosgrain Ribbon with Woven Edge

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Length: 25 yards

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Series SKU: QH-5

This 1.5 inch by 25 yard ribbon is a grosgrain. It’s perfect for gift wrapping, card making, sewing, scrapbooking, hair bows and home decor. This ribbon would also be ideal for floral arrangements, weddings, birthdays, Valentine, summer, Christmas and winter projects.  Also available in a 3/4 inch width. The QH Series is an American style grosgrain, this style is reflected in its stiffer feel and distinct edging. American style grosgrain is known for its impressive stiff hair bows, and sturdier gift wrap bows on packages. Its sturdy nature makes it a great option for accessory or home decor items that gets high volume use. 

May Arts’ grosgrain superior quality grosgrain is woven rather than from a cut fabric, making it more durable for a longer lasting ribbon. The woven nature also means it has a more vibrant color with a slight sheen to it.


Enter Desired Quantity
  • QH-5-02C CHAMPAGNE 54YDS $10

    71 in stock

  • QH-5-09C IVORY 54YDS $10

    131 in stock

  • QH-5-10 - BLACK

    14 in stock

  • QH-5-10C BLACK 54YDS $10

    166 in stock

  • QH-5-14 - RED (1.25", ALTERNATIVE TO QH-5-14 IN 1.5" - $8.00)

    1492 in stock

  • QH-5-22 - FUCHSIA

    10 in stock

  • QH-5-23C LIGHT FUCHSIA 54YDS $10

    72 in stock

  • QH-5-25C BURGUNDY 54YDS $10

    72 in stock


    54 in stock

  • QH-5-31C SILVER 54YDS $10

    33 in stock

  • QH-5-32C ANTIQUE GOLD 54YDS $10

    80 in stock

  • QH-5-33C BROWN 54YDS $10

    76 in stock

  • QH-5-44 - ROYAL BLUE

    6 in stock

  • QH-5-47 - PURPLE

    39 in stock

  • QH-5-72 - LEMON

    15 in stock

  • QH-5-94C ROBIN'S EGG BLUE 54YDS $10

    151 in stock

  • QH-5-96C TURQUOISE 54YDS $10

    76 in stock

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