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It’s time to start thinking about the Christmas Holiday and there is nothing better than starting out by decorating with beautiful, unique and hand made items. May Arts has teamed up with Little Yellow Bicycle this week and today I have a petite bow-tied ribbon wreath to show you using products from these two companies.

This wreath looks like it uses a lot of supplies and takes a long time to make, but I used minimal supplies, and it took less than two hours to complete! I gathered up the few supplies needed to complete the wreath: a 10” brass metal ring (I found mine at my local thrift store for a mere 10 cents!), a spool of May Arts 1.25 in. wide Silk Ribbon in Light Green (SK16) and a 12 inch length of May Arts 1.25 in. wide Silk Ribbon in Burgundy (SK25) along with Little Yellow Bicycle’s Fabric Favorites Self Adhesive Stickers from their Once Upon a Christmas Collection to add a bit of character to the wreath. I love how closely the colors of May Arts ribbon coordinated with this line from Little Yellow Bicycle.

I used an adaptation of the bow-tied ribbon wreath tutorial from I tied an initial knot of silk ribbon around the metal ring-not yet clipping the second tail of the bow from the spool of ribbon. Then I tied a bow and snipped off the second tail and repeated the process.

For a full wreath, I kept tying bows until there was only hardly any of the metal ring showing. I “fluffed” the silk foliage and re-arranged the bows along the diameter of the wreath to create a natural looking wreath. I did end using almost the full 32 yards of ribbon available on the spool.

The fabric stickers from Little Yellow Bicycle were the perfect compliment of size and color to the green silk foliage of the wreath and added the extra dimension and decoration I was looking for. I simply peeled the bird from the package backing and snuggled him in among the bows, and then carefully secured the bird to the frame with fishing line.

The Joy Banner was secured the same way as well. To finish the wreath, I tied the length of the burgundy ribbon at each end to the metal frame. I love the way this wreath turned out and I think it will be a perfect way to welcome my guests this holiday season as they knock on our door.

Blog post by: Karen Baker


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  1. Anna

    Did you tie a bow with two loops or just one?

    1. Karen B.

      Hi Anna. Thanks for stopping by! These are just tied with one loop…like you tie a shoelace! The more bows you tie the fuller the wreath. I also kept my loops pretty small so as to make the wreath fuller looking as well.Please let me know if you have more questions!

      1. Anna

        Goodness, you’re so quick! Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I’m just starting it and I could only find a 12″ single rail, smaller loops will very likely help me eek out more bows. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Sharon Gullikson

    That is one beautiful wreath. I’d like it on my wall.

  3. natasha poteraj

    LOVE that green!!!!!

  4. Kim H

    beautiful wreath, love the richness of it. the joy and carnial just are wonderful finishing touches. thanks for sharing.

  5. Lori Poffenroth

    The wreath is beautiful!

  6. Lee

    The wreath is stunning!

  7. Jennie W.

    This is absolutely beautiful!

  8. Cindy Krueger

    Gorgeous!!!!  I so want to make one!!

  9. Ange

    Beautiful and such gorgeous ribbon!

  10. sharon gullikson

    The bird looks really cute on the wreath. The color really stands out against the beautiful green.

  11. Natasha Poteraj

    Wow, the ribbon looks gorgeous. What a beautiful wreath!

  12. Jeanne Kelly

    That wreath is Gorgeous!!  I love the color that you used too!

  13. Emily H

    Hmm… Maybe I should try this. Beautiful wreath!

  14. Ann Nye

    Karen–This wreath is absolutely FABULOUS!! So beautiful…. Would make a lovely gift too!

  15. Gloria Westerman

    What a beautiful wreath….would look so pretty on my front door….thank you for the tutorial….love it..

  16. Cheryl Hutcherson

    Gorgeous wreath!  Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. Connie L. Riley

    I love this gorgeous wreath, not only because it is so beautiful, but also because I think I can definitely make one! What an inspiring idea. Thanks!

  18. Kim Warne

    What a beautiful wreath.  Thanks for sharing!

  19. Nikki C

    I want one now this is stunning 🙂

  20. Marcia Dehn-Nix

    This is so gorgeous!!!

  21. ava

    wow, great little project.
    ava g

  22. Pam Sohan

    Love the color of the wreath !  It's beautiful ! 

  23. Beverly Lane

    The wreath is gorgeous! Gotta make one like it!

  24. Angela Johnson

    This is soooo pretty.

  25. Jackie H

    I love your wreath! The little bird adds the right amount of color!

  26. Jennifer Reynard

    Gorgeous, gorgeous wreath!! A labour of love but worth the outcome for sure!! Well done!! 🙂

  27. Charlene


  28. Virginia Fynes

    Oh Em Ghee!!! I LOVE THIS… and I have ALL the supplies, guess who is going to own one!!! Great job!

  29. Sue D

    Very pretty–I like the ribbon you used and the addition of the bird and banner.

  30. KellyG

    OMG, I love this!  Great work!

  31. Kristie Maynard

    What a beautiful wreath, so elegant!  TFS.

  32. erin

    I love that only took 2 hours isn't considered much… but seriously if you went to a shop to buy this it would definitely be $$$, love the simplicity of just green (you know how some wreaths have too many goodies).

  33. Miriam Prantner

    So pretty!  It really mimics actual greenery!

  34. Sue McRae

    What a fabulous wreath

  35. Christine Dring

    Gasp! This wreath is so beautiful! TFS!

  36. Bhavana Patel

    Love the wreath!! would like to make one!! As always great ribbon too!!!


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