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Ribbon Wrapped Letter

Today I'm posting something super fun for you to make. I am always looking for ways to creatively decorate my kids rooms. I came up with a way to use a lot of fabulous ribbon all on one project. Here is the project I created.



Here is what you'll need:

  • DM46 green grosgrain daisies 1.5"
  • BK46 grosgrain stripe 1.5"
  • JP02 Raffia yellow
  • NR27– yellow two tone1.5"
  • NR20– pink two tone 1.5"
  • QF101 satin pattern 7/8

I wrapped my ribbon randomly around an "A" that I found at JoAnn fabrics. I love these big letters. I got one for each kid to display on their bedroom doors. Using large GlueDots I secured the ribbons to the back. Here is what it looked like still in the process.



Next I used some felt to finish it off.  I covered the back, top, and bottoms of the letter with this. I never know if the piece will be hanging or standing in the room. First I traced my "A" onto the felt and cut it out. Using my glue gun I attached the felt and the letter was almost complete.



I thought that It still needed something so I asked my daughter what she'd like better. Her options were flowers or butterflies. She chose flowers. I has some Martha Stewart flowers on hand and added them in a cascade along the left side. I added gemstones to the centers and sprinkled around the flowers. The colors were chosen base off of her room pictured here.



And here are some detail shots of the finished project.



I love the eclectic mix of all the different ribbons and textures. My daughter was super excited when she saw this and I told her it was for her room. Score for Mommy! Thanks for stopping by the blog today 

Hugs, Latrice


Blog Post By: Latrice Murphy

  1. Aki

    Cute~ Should make a wrapped letter “H” soon! xD


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