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Ribbon Wrapped Coat Hanger Cover

Ribbon Wrapped Coat Hanger Cover

If you are like me, you hate the wire coat hangers that seem to multiply in the closet. They get tangled and the clothes seem to slide off too easily. Covering the hangers with ribbon is not only much prettier, but it helps prevent some of those problems as well. If you want to make a set of these for someone special, you can add ribbons and flowers to jazz it up more.

Rather than trying to explain how to do this with photos, I thought a quick video would be easier.


Ribbon Wrapped Coat Hanger Cover

By Gini William Cagle



Other Supplies Used:

  • Wire Coat Hanger
  • Paper Flowers


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  1. TracyM #6773

    SO PRETTY and PRACTICAL too!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your coat hanger & tutorial Gini!!!
    THANK YOU for the trip down memory lane – I used to love covering coat hangers with my Grandma!!!

  2. Martie Rollin

    This is an updated version of creative memories…remembered covering these wire hangers when I was a child. It’s still fun to do! Love that bow at the hook. Thanks for this lovely project!


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