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Hi there May Arts fans! Lately at our house we have been keeping lots of recyclable packaging for arts and crafts time. I have a box FULL of empty toilet paper and napkin rolls, which is great because my kiddos can find all sorts of fun things to do with them, and they would have been trash anyway! (cheap thrills around here ;)) ANYWAY, I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest, originally made into confetti poppers on the site. Finally, I knew what to do with these empty rolls I had been saving! I just had to give it a go with some May Arts ribbon involved…




You will need:

  • empty paper rolls (toilet paper or napkin)
  • adhesive of choice
  • paper and embellishments
  • scissors


The first step was deciding what paper to use. We recently redecorated our space loving 5 year old's room so the Rocket Age line from October Afternoon was perfect. Simply cover your roll with paper and trim to fit. I used double sided tape here to make it stick.



For the rocket's pointy tip, cut a circle and then make a slit to the middle. I used my tape roll as a template. You can always trim it down if it looks to big. We aren't going for perfection 😉 and you won't be able to tell if it's not an “even” circle anyway!



Because of the slit in your circle you can make the paper cone shape, or a little hat as I like to call it. Staple it together, or use some more double sided tape like I did.



Using the SM03 string, I doubled it over and pulled it through the slit so it comes out the top with the loop and the bottom with the knot.



Attach your “hat”. I used a combination of wet glue and glue dots to make it secure.



I cut varying lengths of 385-58-14, 385-58-44 and 391-58-31 (these are some of my FAVORITE ribbons right now!) and used double sided tape to stick them to the inside bottom of the roll.



I embellished the front of  the rocket with more “space”  stickers and chipboard and hung it in his room.  I think it looks nice, and quite appropriate,  hanging between some vintage book pages of the first walk on the moon 😉



We also made some of these for Fourth of July to hang form our mantel! It was a fun project to do with the kiddo and all you have to do is change the colors in your paper and ribbons to make it go with that theme!



I hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial! Be sure and save some of those empty paper tubes… never know what you can make with them 😉


Blog post by: Lexi Bridges

  1. Vera Yates

    What a cute project!!

  2. paula Riehl

    these are adorable – too bad I don’t have any boys!

  3. Kristie Maynard

    Great project. TFS!

  4. Melinda Wilson

    super cute idea!

  5. Charlene

    Really cute, Lexi…I know a little boy who’d love these!

  6. Nancy Bourdeau

    Ingenious! and the paper was made for it. Great job! xx

  7. Jan Hennings

    so cute!

  8. Karen K

    Very cute rocket.


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