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Ribbon Pom-Pom Rings

Ribbon Pom-Pom Rings

Fashion is fickle, it’s always changing.  Finding the right color accessories to match your ever changing wardrobe can be expensive and challenging.  Today I have an accessory tutorial to help you look your best in any color and save your pocket book: Make your own “Ribbon Pom-Pom Rings”

Ribbon Pom-Pom Rings

First start off by picking your ribbon in the color you desire.  Because it will be a ring I wouldn’t pick a ribbon with the width more than ¾ inches and a length of 10 inches.  Next you will hand stitch down the center of the ribbon and then gather leaving a tail of thread on both ends.

Ribbon Pom-Pom Rings

Now simply attach the gathered “Pom-Pom” to the ring base.  Do this by threading both ends through the holes next to the ring base and tying a knot.  To jazz it up a bit you can thread beads in random places throughout ring.

Ribbon Pom-Pom Rings

Lastly slip it on and enjoy.  These are so easy and pretty you could also give them away as gifts.

Ribbon Pom-Pom Rings

 By Lalo IK

Other Supplies Used:

  • ring
  • thread
  • needle
  • beads


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