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Ribbon frame 1

Some ribbon, some glue and you can easily
give an old frame a new lease on life.

Imagine the many ways you can personalize
the following covered frame design.  I
have illustrated the project using a standard 5” X 7” X 1/2” frame, but any ½”
frame will work as well.  Simply increase
ribbon lengths and rosettes.

I selected an especially colorful 1 ½”
ribbon to bring happiness to this tired old frame.

Ribbon frame 1a


  • May Arts Ribbon, item # TR47  –  3.5
  • Frame  –  5”
    X 7” X ½”
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Permanent glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tooth picks (not colored)
  • Permanent spray adhesive
  • Small white buttons  –  10 mis-matched


  • Measure the sides of the frame for the exact lengths. 5″ X 7″ could
    mean the outer dimensions or the size of the opening.
  • Cut 2 pieces of ribbon the exact length of the 2
    long sides plus ½” and the same for the short sides.

Ribbon frame 2a

  • Fold under all eight ribbon ends as shown in ILLO. #2a. The
    angle is approximately 45 degrees measured from the edge of the ribbon to
    be placed on the frame’s inner edge.
  • Finger
    press these folds and secure with a scant bit of glue stick – applied with a

Ribbon frame 2b

  • Fold, press & glue the remaining raw ribbon ends as shown
    in ILLO. #2b these folds will prevent any fraying at the corners.
  • Working with one ribbon piece at a time, coat lightly with
    spray adhesive following the label’s directions.
  • Carefully place ribbon on frame.  Wrap the ribbon’s inner edge slightly
    around the frame’s edge.  (NOTE that since this ribbon is an
    asymmetrical plaid, care must be taken to position all four sides with the same
    colors innermost and to keep lines as straight as possible.)
  • Wrap the remainder of the ribbon’s width
    around the frame – smoothly and firmly.
    If there are small areas that don’t want to stick, correct this with a
    bit of glue stick, using a toothpick.
  • One-at-a-time – repeat these steps for the
    opposite side of the frame and then for the 2 remaining sides.

Ribbon frame 4

  • Now the frame
    should be securely covered, showing no raw edges.


Ribbon rose

  • Cut 10 pieces of ribbon 7 ¼” long.
  • Fold ribbon piece in
    half, ends together. Thankfully, this
    ribbon has no right or wrong side to be concerned with.

Ribbon frame 5

  • By hand or machine, stitch the 2 ends together, with a ¼” seam.
  • Fold the resulting ribbon loop in half – seam inside.
  • Very
    close to the folded edge, using long hand or machine stitches through both
    ribbon layers, sew completely around the loop.  Be aware that the 2 sides of the folded ribbon are
    different.  Keep this in mind when
    making rosettes.   Gather these
    stitches as evenly as possible by carefully pulling the thread, then
    securing the gathers with several strong back stitches on the back of the

Ribbon frame 6

  • Distribute gathers evenly around the center of the
    rosette.  If it appears too open or
    too loose, make small adjustment stitches on the back.
  • Stitch a small button neatly over the gathered centers of each
  • Using a hot glue gun or other fast-acting
    adhesive, consult the original photo for placement and secure the rosettes in

Your finished frame can hang from an unseen
wire across the back, a showy ribbon hanging on the wall, or poised on an
easel.  Remember, it looks good, coming
or going.

Food for thought:  A decorative ribbon like this plaid can be
manipulated into different designs. Below, notice the color and size variations
determined by where the ribbon is folded and where it’s gathered.

Ribbon frame 7

Blog Posted By:  Ellen Highsmith

  1. Karen Schneider

    Love this! I look forward to more great ribbon flowers and project ideas. Thanks! Karen

  2. Stacy

    Very unique and pretty!


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