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RIBBON: Organization!

Oh, so much ribbon
Oh, so many ways to organize it all.

What is the PERFECT way to store ribbon?

The answer is that the perfect way varies from person to
person.  My friends and I all have our
crafty quirks, and our own specific but different ways to keep ribbon that suit
our personalities.

For some, the process of organizing and using all the
organizational toys, I mean, SUPPLIES, is half the fun.  I like new toys as much as the next gal-but I
don’t want to constantly get the latest and greatest tools and spend all my
time organizing my ribbon stash…I want to play with it!!! (I mean USE it.)

What is Important to me?

  • FINDING the exact ribbon I want!
  • Being able to enjoy my ribbon at all times.
    the ribbons I own, and being able to quickly see what I need.

Here are 2 ways to showcase ribbon and to make it user

I love my glass jars
from World Market.  I was inspired by
candy jars…think of jars filled with colorful confections in a candy
store.  For me ribbon is eye candy.  Use recycled canisters or pickle jars…any big
jar will work!  I can see all my ribbons,
quickly find what I want, and it’s a kind of “home décor” at the same time.


The other idea is to have a “ribbon curtain” above my
workspace.  Any towel bar will work.  I use an inexpensive kitchen organization
system from Ikea. I am able to see what I have, cut or pull it off the rod and
keep working!  Clean up is easy and

There are surely tons of great ways to store and manage
ribbon.  I’d love to see or hear about
the tricks you’ve learned.  Tell us or
show us YOUR system and be eligible for a prize.

For more information regarding our contest, click here!

Blog Post by: Leah Farrar White

  1. margie lewis

    cute Leah! I like the ribbon curtain wall.

  2. Laurie Brauer

    Love the jars!!! I keep my ribbon in the storage boxes from cropper hopper then have a ribbon ez bag for all that must have ribbon on the go!! I love all these great ideas!!

  3. Leah

    Jen. I say do both! use more ribbon AND get bigger jars! win/win situation!

    I am loving all of these great ideas for ribbon storage!

  4. jen

    I love ribbon!!! I keep my organized by color in glass jars from Ikea. I like how I can see everything and I love how they look in my room 🙂 They are outgrowing my jars though, so either I need to actually use some ribbon or buy bigger jars. LOL!!

  5. Lisa R

    I have what you might call a “Creative Mess!” LOLOL!! All my ribbon is just stored in a sterilite drawer for now……I’d love to see some new ideas!! I’d love to win some ribbon. Thanks for sharing the cool pics of to store ribbon too!!

  6. Dru

    I too love ribbon and have a LOT of it!! I have a huge drawer full, a 2-tiered towel bar on the wall that hold several rolls on 2 bars, and I have several rolls stacked on my window sill. I also just bought a see through plastic container with repositionable slats that I have made into 12 good size areas for snippets of ribbon sorted by color. I have to be able to see and get to my ribbon “right now”.

  7. Rebekka

    What wonderful ideas, I must check out the ring, I have mine by color on wooden doles in a tote box, I was thinking on making a wooden box, drilling holes on each side to put the wood bars through. Just a thought right now :). Thanks for a chance at winning.

  8. M Paper Arts

    Great ideas! A fave of mine is using a circluar hanger. I think they are for belts usually. It’s perfect for those of us who leave the ribbon on the roll ’cause you just slide them on and stack ’em next to each other on the circle. Then I store the different hangers in a closet on a regular clothes rod. Makes for easy of and on and it’s compact. Try it!

  9. Zoe Pittman

    I am on my 6th ribbon solution and now use a product called Ribbon Ring, I had tried jars, bags with wholes, spools…..but this seems to work for me, their site is

    It’s a bit like your towel rod, I use a curtain poll and hang my ribbon rings from that – thanks for the chance to win something and for starting this great blog 🙂

  10. Donna Brock

    The idea of glass jars is inspiring…but, my ribbon remains on the roll until all has been used. I have been using plastic tubs for ‘types’ of ribbon (taffeta, satin, irridescent, sheer…etc). I would like to convert to organize by color…but, when I have time to change my mountain of ribbon..

  11. wendi r

    great sytems and love how pretty it all looks!!!! I have several glass jars up on shelves orgainzed by color.. I keep my 6 packs of ribbons in the bow and then have them on shelves also.. Also have some clear see through storage drawers like they sell at Target after christmas and keep my lose ends in there.. oh and I have a drawer.. for lace and other ribbon on packaging. LOVE ribbon!!!!

  12. Karen L

    I use a number of storage solutions. The main idea is to sort by color. I store whole rolls of ribbon in shallow boxes that used to store 12×12 albums. I print a label on the front of each box and slide them into wire cubes that have shelves about 6 inches apart. Even large rolls fit!
    Then, I put small pieces of ribbon, also sorted by color, into glass jars that I keep on a wall shelf near my craft table. My narrow satin ribbon spools are in hinged boxes that used to store Glenlivet Scotch!! There are 3 boxes, labeled Cool Colors, Warm Color and Neutrals. I like to reuse and recycle whenever possible.


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