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Ribbon Flower Placemats

Greetings All!  If you’re needing a quick and easy update for your dining table, you are going to love this project.



Supplies needed:

  • A single style of woven ribbon, in a range of colors.  For my placemats, I used May Arts style MH, ½” grosgrain with stitched edge.   This is a great ribbon to use not only because of the range of colors available, but because it has a bit of body which will help to shape your flowers.
  • 4 solid colored, cloth placemats
  • Assorted buttons
  • Needle and thread
  • Felt
  • Safety pins
  • Hot Glue Gun



Step 1:  Cut your ribbon into 6” strips.  You’ll be using 4 strips per flower.



Step 2To create your flowers, lay two pieces of different color ribbon right side up, overlapping them at the midpoint to form a cross.



Step 3:  Lay the remaining ribbon as shown below.  Insert threaded needle down through the center, and make several stitches to secure the ribbons together in the center.

Now, flip the ribbons over and fold the end of one ribbon length toward the center to form a loop.  Stitch the end, to the center of the flower.  Continue folding each end of the ribbon strips toward the center and stitch them in place securely.



Step 4:  Once all your loops are created and the ends are stitched into place, flip the flower over to the front side and stitch a button in the center of the flower.

Follow the same steps and complete all your flowers.



Step 5:  With your flowers made, take your felt and cut nickel size circles out of it.



Step 6:  Hot glue a circle to the back of each flower.  Once that is done, attach a small safety pin to the back and pin your flower to the placemat. 



You can pin your flowers at the corner of your placemats, along the top, or down the side of your placemat.  Whatever strikes your fancy.

There you have it, Ribbon Flower Placemats!  Just think, you can create ribbon flowers for a variety of occasions and change out your placemats to make each event special.



Thanks for joining me here on the May Arts blog today.  Happy Crafting!

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Blog post by: Shelly Dozier-Mckee


  1. Kathy P

    So colorful—brings cheer to the table!

  2. Jingle

    These look so cute!

  3. Gloria Westerman

    This is the cutest thing ever!!!!! I love this idea….would be so pretty with Christmas bow on them…..awesome idea…..

  4. Charlene

    Cute way to dress up a birthday table!

  5. Kristie Maynard

    such an adorable idea!!!

  6. Kim H

    love this idea to use smaller scraps of ribbon. makes an adorable flower. thank you.

  7. Annette A.

    what a fun idea

  8. Anita A

    What a fun project!


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