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Ribbon Embossing Tutorial

Embossing adds texture and added interest to paper and it makes an even more impressive statement on ribbon.  Hello ribbon lovers.  Lalo here and I want to show you how to jazz up the ribbon in your stash by adding embossing to them.

Embossing on Ribbon

First, you are going to coat both sides of your ribbon with a sealer.  One even coat should be fine.

Making sure the first side dries before flipping over to paint the other.

pic 2

One your ribbon is completely dry, it’s time to emboss.

Sandwich your ribbon into an embossing folder (This would be the best type of embossing for this project).  Now run it thought your machine twice just like you would paper.

pic 3

You should have a nicely embossed piece of ribbon ready for you to jazz up your projects.

Embossing on Ribbon

Here are some ideas:

  • As the perfect accent to a card

Embossing on Ribbon

  • As a fabulous bookmark

Embossing on Ribbon

Blog posted by: Lalo IK

May Arts Ribbon Used: 

May Arts Twill Ribbon

Other Supplies Used:

  • Embossing folder and machine:  Sizzix
  • Sealer: Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  1. Court's Crafts

    Awesome idea!!! LOVE this! 

  2. NWFlamingo

    Wow!  Better than sliced bread!

  3. mary marsh

    this is a fabulous idea -will have to try it-I love ribbon and embossing

  4. Annette Hindes

    Great idea!

    It add wonderful texture

  5. Sue D

    Never would have thought of this–thanks!

  6. Kathy P

    Awesome idea…and new to me! Thanks for a great tip!

  7. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Wow!  Genius!  I am going to pin this one!

  8. Dorina D

    Great tutorial and so neat for cards. Love this new idea. Thanks for sharing

  9. Lucy

    Cool idea!  I'm going to Pin it so I don't lose it.  Gotta go buy some wider MA ribbon so I can totally enjoy the effect.  

  10. Chrissy

    Now that is a GREAT idea, Lalo!  I am going to have to make this technique a regular thing.  Thanks!

  11. erin

    Very cool idea, what type of sealer?

  12. Deborah Kind

    Saw it going to try this week;)

  13. Sharon Gullikson

    I have never thought of doing this. I LOVE IT!!! I like to personalize my projects, and this would be great.

  14. Beverly Jordan

    Haven't ever thought or heard of doing this! Thank you for the tip of embossing ribbon.

  15. Susie Pattison

    That is so cool!  I didn't know you could emboss ribbon!  What a great idea.  This contest is so great to help me learn new crafting techniques.  Thank you so much!

  16. Sonny

    A good idea. Must try this out some time 🙂

  17. Solveig M

    Great idea! I'll definitely give it a try! Thanks!

  18. Virginia Fynes

    What a great idea!! And it looks great on your card, I'm going to do this for sure!!

  19. Charlene

    Awesome!  I am so CASING this idea!

  20. Deborah Kind

    Love love love this ….what type of sealer do I use?


  21. Kathryn Garner

    What an awesome idea.  Thanks for sharing this.  I've got lots of ribbon that I can use to try this out. 


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