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Ribbon Egg


Spring is on the way!! It’s time to get the eggs & chicks out.  I’ve got a simple way to put your ribbon to work as a FUN decoration!

First you’ll need a base- you know how I like to ‘upcycle’ so I put a priority mail box back to work!



I drew an egg shape on the ‘back’ side, as I wanted a white base.



I can tell you that an exacto knife is much more efficient than scissors for cutting this out (without bending the cardboard!)

Next pick out some spring colored ribbon!



I used 1 ½ “ solid/wired ribbon, 1 ½ “ solid/textured/satin, fuzzy pom poms, and 1” grosgrain ric rac, but May Arts has a HUGE amount of choices that would be perfect! I can also tell you that the wired & unwired work equally well for this project!

Now get out your glue gun



Put small areas of glue & apply ribbon in a ruffle-like manner. No rhyme or reason, just cover the shape!



I wanted 3 colors, but you could easily do solid eggs with pom pom polka dots!



Once my egg was covered I wanted to add a little more detail



I hot glued the ends of the ric rac to the back, with a tiny amount in the middle, now add your pom poms!



I added a ribbon loop hot glued to the back for hanging



And here’s what you’ll end up with!



This project was really quick- but beware of hot glue!!! (ouch!)

I hope you’ve been inspired!


Blog Post By: Jen Shears

  1. Nadia

    This is so beautiful! The ribbons look gorgeous! Thank you for this tutorial, I love that you upcycled 🙂

  2. Linda Slattery

    My thanks for a very cute project. The instructions and photos make this tutorial one that I think even I could handle. Beautiful ribbons.

  3. Frankie Leal


  4. Janet Zeppa

    How awesome is this!!

  5. Lexi

    So cute!!

  6. Kristie Maynard

    How cute is that?!!? I’m thinking I may try this on a smaller scale and use it on a card. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jingle

    This is so pretty! What a fun project!

  8. Tanya Hulbert

    Of course I’ve been inspired. 🙂 Will try this soon but I may need help even drawing the egg!

  9. Lindy

    AWESOME!!!! I love this!!!!

    I was just thinking over the weekend that I needed something for Easter to hang on the front door. Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial.

  10. Jennifer Hansen

    I love this!! Such a cute idea for Easter!!

  11. erin

    Fabulous!!! And know you don’t have to worry about it going bad, you can save it for next year’s celebration too.


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