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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Blog Hop!

Welcome to the celebration that has been months in the making!  And since it has been such a long road to get here, I’m ready to celebrate big!  And if you’re familiar with this Ribbon Lady’s work, you know that means a seriously big giveaway!   For an overview of our new features…and that promised $1000 giveaway, click here!


Now on to the matter of our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  Because, hey…what’s a Grand Re-Opening without a proper Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!  Especially if you are an online ribbon store.  😉   So, to accomplish this, I turned to the very fabulous Ribbonistas for help.  Each designer interpreted ‘a ribbon cutting’ in their own way.  Some took it literally and some had other ideas, making this a truly fun hop!   So be sure to hop along today and tomorrow for some ribbony inspiration!

For today we have:

Mini Canvas

I did a more abstract interpretation of the theme.  Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies always mean a new beginning, a new chapter, a new adventure is beginning.  My project is titled “Adventure” and I chose to alter a mini canvas.

Congratulations Card
I created a pocket card, decked out with May Arts ribbons – and my tag, has a piece of ribbon with “Congratulations” stamped on it. Of course, this is congratulating May Arts Ribbon and Bethney, the Ribbon Lady, on such a fantastic new site! I interpreted “ribbon cutting” by cutting into a brand new roll of ribbon.

journal tags

For the ribbon cutting ceremony, I wanted to cut some ribbon! So I created these journaling tags/bookmarks with lots of fun cut ribbon! Ribbon is the perfect embellishment for all projects!

"Red Carpet" Card

I created a fancy card with some red foil paper and velvet to make it seem like the “Red” carpet 🙂

Altered Cabinet Door

I created this fun & useful chalkboard/key ring holder for just under $5.00 using a recycled cabinet door, her beloved May Arts Chevron Ribbon in teal,  favorite family photos, 1 piece of chalkboard cardstock, Adhesive and a little paint and coffee grounds!

Ribbon Cutting Card

My inspiration was when they have a big net of balloons and then let them all fly. I thought – why not make it look like you cut the ribbon, it rolled back, and wonky fabric balloons came out!? So that’s what I did! Super fun!

Any Occasion Card

I’ll show you how to use a rainbow of ribbon colors to create a great card set perfect for any occasion. Here is what I’ll be creating in the video over on my blog. These cards with this ribbon are instant wow! Enjoy.

Elegant Gift Set

Every ribbon cutting needs some special scissors, so when I found these elegant little shears, I knew they needed some equally elegant ribbons.  May Arts has so many gorgeous ribbons to choose from that narrowing it down to a few of my favorites was difficult..  I chose to celebrate the occasion in elegant vintage style.   You can find the before photos and close up details on my blog.

Champagne Tag

I decorated champagne bottle with a CAS tag to celebrate some bubbly, scissors and of course May Arts ribbon.

  1. Karen L K

    What fun projects. That pocket card really caught my eye! The balloon card is very creative.

  2. Emily Daniels

    Oh my goodness!! These are all such fabulous projects!!
    The mini canvas is my favorite- such a great use of the green ribbon!!

  3. Roxie Griffith

    great ideas. I especially loved the green, red and yellow tag. Very colorful.

  4. Karen McNamara

    love the tags!

  5. Carol McCready

    Love the journal cards.

  6. Sue D

    Very creative projects!

  7. Lianne Coates

    My favorite is the pocket card!

  8. Cheryl Moody

    Love Jennifer’s journaling tags! Great ideas on the hop

  9. Sharon Mobley

    Loved all the projects and great use of the ribbons.

  10. Iris Soscia

    Such lovely projects!

  11. Emily H

    Super excited for this fabulous hop!

  12. pamela

    Wow I love the champagne bottle with the ribbon coming out!

  13. svetlanaV

    Wonderful projects, there are so many ways to use ribbons

  14. Annie

    Love the hop. So many great ideas !

  15. Emily Thorne

    This blog hop is simply amazing! I found so much inspiration from each site plus new ways to use those pretty little snipits of pretty ribbons.
    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  16. Beneta

    Visited all the website. Terrific projects from all those participating. Thanks.


  17. Dawn Woolf

    Loving the hop so far! So many talented ladies!!

  18. Angie Hall

    What a great Hop! There were some very interesting interpretations of the celebration theme. Congrats on the new site. Thanks.

  19. Susan Huston

    What an amazing hop to see these wonderful projects. Well done ladies and congrats on the Grand Re-Opening of May Arts Ribbon!

  20. Karen L K

    I follow you on You Tube!

    1. Karen L K

      And also… Pinterest, Facebook.

  21. Karen L K

    In the idea gallery I really like this bow!

  22. Luanne Serafin

    awesome projects using your ribbons!

  23. Lyndal

    FAB inspiration & FAB looking new site!!!

  24. Mary Ann Johnson

    great cards etc.

  25. Liz O.

    Fabulous inspiration!!! Love every interpretation, TFS!
    Have a wonderful day!

  26. Lynne Desjardins Joncas

    love all the fun and creative interpretations of the theme! Congrats, May Arts!!

  27. Tammy Lynn Thompson

    Thanks for the inspiration! They are all such great projects!

  28. Julie A. Shearer

    Great new site . I love all of these great projects and all of the yummy ribbon .

  29. Karen Schroeder

    Wow! Fantastic projects! Congrats May Arts Ribbon!

  30. Greta Hess

    Wonderful projects! Congrats, May Arts!

  31. Angelica Chambers

    It’s really cool to see everyone’s interpretation of “Ribbon Cutting”! I like the new site! Really cool and “NEW”. Yay, May Arts!!!!

  32. Rachel Verdi

    Lovely hop, and such a cool way to see ribbons in action! Now I’ve got 10000 things I’ve just GOTTA have. So, see? Now you have to pick me for a winner! rofl Thanks for the inspiration, and such amazing ways to use ribbon!

    Hugs & Hope,
    Rachel at OddModicum

  33. Kerri K

    Ooooh… I like that burlapy ribbon!

  34. Patricia Molnar

    Very cute and colorful way to decorate a party!

  35. Beneta

    It is good to get so many new idea and see some of the old to use ribbons. Great projects. thanks

  36. jennymcgee

    Very inspiring, gotta get out some of my older ribbons and get to using them. Thanks, beautiful projects.

  37. lura brown

    may arts is THE best ribbon company. one could spend days deciding what they want, so many awesome choices. i loved all the projects too. such inspiration. xox

  38. Heather Whitman

    Great inspiration pieces and I love the straws! 🙂

  39. yainea

    Amazing inspiration, love all the different projects!!

  40. Andrea T

    That’s a wonderful array of ribbon projects!

  41. Susan Case

    These are wonderful ideas. Can’t wait to try some of them!

  42. Laura

    Those are really great creative projects!

  43. TracyM #6773

    I’m back from hopping through day-1 and confess that it was fabulous from start to finish 🙂 What a delicious rainbow of ribbons that have helped you {and the Ribbonistas} celebrate the Grand Re-Opening!!!

  44. Debbie Winkler

    I have never seen so many beautiful pieces made out of ribbon. And would of never thought of the ideals on my own. Thank you

  45. howo34

    Great projects!

  46. pamelaromero

    Very nice to see the fabulous ribbons in projects!

  47. Christi Conley

    Woo HOO !! What a fabulous Hop & celebration!! Can’t WAIT to see tomorrow’s goodies!

  48. Mary Helene

    Great ideas from these designers can’t wait to see what you will have for us tomorrow

  49. abby_adams

    Delicious ideas. Can’t wait for more!

  50. Samantha Slaughter

    Fun projects. Looking forward to tomorrow’s hop.

  51. Deena Sheranko

    Great ideas!

  52. TracyM #6773

    Delightful “ribbon cutting” projects!!!

  53. Janis

    Oh, my….this platform is so different I was afraid my old dinosaur of a computer wouldn’t be able to let me post. But it worked. Hooray!!

    Great projects by the DT. Nice clean new look for the site. Congrats!!
    <3 J

  54. Barbara Wagar

    All very nice projects. I see a few I’d love to make! Thanks for the blog hop!

  55. joanne darrell

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  56. karenladd

    Wow, such wonderful projects by the DT! Off to see them up close!

  57. Lucy E.

    What lovely projects by the ribbonistas!

  58. Teresa Godines #6857

    Just finished the hop. Lots of wonderful inspiration. Thanks DT.

  59. Mary Dailey

    I love them all! Especially partial to anything Victorian!

  60. Tammy Luiz

    What a variety to interpret the ribbon cutting theme. Love them all.

  61. Pati L

    Fun hop! Beautiful Ribbons!

  62. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Love all these…but Charlene’s elegant vintage notebooks strike a chord in my heart!

  63. Beverly Jordan

    Fabulous designers and projects!

  64. Jean Marmo

    Super cute projects!

  65. Iris Soscia

    Loving the hop. Such fun projects.

  66. Amy Jones

    What a great hop… So many clever idea’s to use your ribbon.

  67. Cecelia Johnson

    Pinned, shared and followed, woot, woot!!!

  68. Sherry Reeves

    Wow…Just love the use of ribbon on cards!! Great ideas.

  69. Renee

    Great blog hop, but I could not get the link to work for Courtney Lee or Emily’s blogs. When I clicked on the top left of the blog for the list of Royal and Prima Ribbonistas, it just takes me to the blog hop post. Thanks for the ideas ladies!!!!!!

  70. Kathy

    Awesome projects, one and all! Love the new site! Cograts!

  71. Natasha

    Loved all of the projects!

  72. Valerie Klein Ward

    Beautiful creations! Wow!

  73. Sue D

    Fabulous projects for the ribbon cutting ceremony!

  74. Outside Inn

    Great projects, cheers to everyone!


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