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Hi, Virginia here.  I was so excited to get my ribbons in the mail I couldn’t wait to get started on a project!  Please check out these chic pieces of jewelry made from my beautiful May Arts ribbons, get a designer look for MUCH less!



Note: All ends of chain will be finished in the same manner. Using Gutermann metallic thread (to match chain color), zig zag ends of last loop to keep from unraveling.

Cut a piece of Gold Chain (348-30) 66 links long. Finish ends. Fold in half having one strand with 28 chains, and the other with 38 chains. Cut two pieces of Single Faced Black Satin (KK-1-10) one 14” and the other 7”. Loop through the two end circles, fold ends of satin in half and hot glue to secure.   Tie ends of Satin in a neat bow.



This necklace is business in the front and party in the back. Great to wear with your little black dress! 

Cut a length of Silver Chain (348-31) 40 chains long. Finish ends.  Cut a piece of leather 3” x 11/2 “. Pinch leather in the center to create two pleats and hot glue in place.

Fold chain piece in half to find center. Hot glue leather bow to center of chain piece and upper side of bow tips.    Cut a length of Black Satin (KK-1-10) and a piece of Black Crochet ribbon (361-58-08) both 3”. Layer the two ribbons and fold around to create center of bow, hot glue to secure on backside.

Using a 12” length of Black Satin (KK-1-10) over lap three chains at the back of necklace, loop ribbon through holes and tie in a bow.



Cut a length of Silver Chain (348-31) 15 loops long (This will seem too large for your wrist at first, but it allows room for the beads). Finish ends of chain. Thread a needle using long piece of the metallic thread.  Secure thread to finished end, place a bead in the first hole, run thread through the bead and into the cross of the loops. Travel the thread up the small strand of the next loop and into the center of where the loops cross. Continue this for 7 beads.

Secure thread with a knot. To be certain beads would stay in place I traveled the needle back through all the beads finishing where I started. There should be two empty holes at the end of the bracelet. To join bracelet together Slip first bead through the loop on the opposite end.

Imagine all the possibilities with this chain ribbon; I had a hard time stopping at 3 pieces of Chain Jewelry! I hope you’ll give these projects a try; they would make a great gift or make next outfit an outstanding one!

Supplies: (to make all three pieces)


Blog post: Virginia Fynes


  1. Christina

    Fantastic idea!  Love the gold necklace with black ribbon.

  2. Monica

    Awesome totally love it!!

  3. Kristie Maynard

    Very lovely!  TFS.

  4. Charlene

    Just adorable!! Love the bracelet.

  5. Sue D

    Lovely pieces of jewelry!  Love the bow tie.


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