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Ribbon Brooches

Today I am going to show you a super easy way to create very pretty little ribbon brooches.  These were inspired by military awards, of all things!  I like how the folded ribbon on the top creates the ‘hanger’ for the decorative pieces and displays so beautifully!



Begin by cutting the ribbon to about 5” in length for each brooch.  I created three.  Fold in half and trim the open end to a point.

Use a few stitches to secure the ends together and then stitch on the trinkets and/or charms you have chosen.

Attach safety pins to back of ribbon toward the top.  I chose to use safety pins to allow for a bit of choice in where and how it is pinned vs. using a pin back that would have to be sewn on permanently. 

And now you have three beautiful brooches in no time at all!  Thanks for joining me for this tutorial today!  You can see more of my work on my blog, Just Jingle!  Thanks!

Blog post by: Jingle

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  1. Lisa

    Really simple but super cute. Love the little charms

  2. Karen McAlpine

    Great idea!!  Nice way to use some of those charms in my stash.

  3. Kathy P

    So cute!  Thanks for the instructions!

  4. Dorina D

    Great idea. I can see making them for my nieces pre-school and kindergarten classes and making not only fun pins but also for prizes. Thanks for sharing

  5. Charlene

    Cute idea, Jingle.  I think these would be darling with kids charms on them as well.

  6. Kristie Maynard

    Very cute idea.  Wouldn't this be cute with a tiny frame with a picture in it of a child or grandchild?!


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