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Are you like me and always reading two or three books at a time and always looking for a bookmark to mark your page? Well, I’ve got a quick and easy Ribbon Bookmark project to share with you today that will make your life easier and add a little style to your books.

You’ll need just a few supplies to complete this project:

  •  Ribbon:  Using ribbon wider than 1” will work best for this project.  I made three bookmarks and used the following May Arts ribbon:
    • EH14—1.5”  Grosgrain Two-Tone
    • 331-10—1.5”  Grosgrain White Ovals
    • 344-39—1.5”  Grosgrain Animal Print
  • Elastic Hair Bungee
  • Buttons—one for each bookmark
  • Sewing Machine—having a sewing machine will allow you to complete this project super quick but if you don’t own a sewing machine, you can also stitch this up by hand.



  1.  Take one end of your ribbon and fold it over your hair elastic and stitch the end down.  If using a sewing machine, you can use a decorative stitch to make your bookmark a little fancy.

  1. Next, measure the bookmark length by placing the ribbon inside your book and wrapping it around the outside of the book until the ends meet and cut. 
  2. Fold the raw edge of your ribbon over about ½” and sew it down.
  3. Sew your button onto the ribbon end, about 1” in from the end.

And, just that quick you have a beautiful Ribbon Bookmark!

As you get further into your book, the elastic cord will stretch to accommodate the additional pages.

I hope you enjoyed this project.  Make a few bookmarks for yourself and a few as gifts!

  See you next time!

Blog post by: Shelly Dozier-Mckee


  1. Kristie Maynard

    Great idea, love it! TFS!

  2. Laura Cox

    this is a such a great gift idea!  Love it!

  3. montina burt

    What a great idea. Just what I needed, one more great craft project. Thanks. (I’m so making some of these).

  4. Gloria Westerman

    These are so unique and clever!!!! I love them…thank you so much for sharing….I will be making some of them… em'

  5. Charlene

    Super idea!

  6. Indy

    Wowza!!! I love making bookmarks and I LOVE these! 

  7. conniemelancon


  8. Kimberlly Jones

    Ooh! I LOVE these! I am always losing my bookmars, so these are the perfect solution! Great tutorial!

  9. Andrea

    Shelly, these are so fun.  I totally love the button and hairband idea.  Very clever.  This makes it nice so little ones can't pull out your book mark so easily.  Way to go!

  10. Cresta Woodruff

    I love this idea! I am going to make some as a gift for my mom! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Sue McRae

    What a creative idea!

  12. Marie

    I must try this!!!!

  13. Amanda Coleman

    What a great idea!  I am totally going to make some of these.  I even have some of your fabulous striped twill ribbon which would make great bookmarks!

  14. Ann Merkins

    Oh my goodness! This is a fabulous idea!! I am going to make some. ghreat gift idea as well! Thank you!!


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