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Ribbon quilting

The very nature of quilt-making began out of necessity: how
to create warm bedding in the most efficient, and economical way possible.

 Scraps of cloth were patched together to form top and bottom
layers that sandwiched a filler layer of carded wool or cotton then stitched
through to keep the filler, or batting, in place.

 Today, ingenuity is still at work in the creation of new
ways to enhance the quilt top’s design. 
Using ribbons is a logical and lovely added means to this end.  They have two finished edges, come in a
variety of widths and an endless array of designs and colors.

 The following examples illustrate results achieved by using
ribbons as SASHING, BORDERS and DECORATIVE EDGING.  Ribbons can be top-stitched onto the existing
design, or treated as another fabric and stitched into seams.

Ribbon quilting

Ribbon quilting

AND PEARS  (size: 35” X 25”)

  • May Arts #333-38 is used as:

           a. sashing between the pear blocks and

           b. a thin outer border

  • May Arts # FJ25 is used as the
    quilt’s 1.5” border.


Ribbon quiltingRibbon quilting

VALENTINES (size: 35” X 26”)

  • May Arts # ER14 – 1.5” ric rac in
    red provides a cheerful wavy edge around the quilt’s perimeter.  It is first basted in place, then the second
  • May Arts #XA36 –
    1.5” is stitched on, overlapping the ric rac.


Ribbon quiltingRibbon quilting

WREATH (size: 17” X 16”)

  •  May Arts #BK36 – 1.5” striped grosgrain is
    top-stitched ¼” from the bound edge of the quilt.


These are just a few examples of
what ribbons can do for quilters and their quilts. 

Blog Posted By: Ellen Highsmith

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    is very good

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