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Repurposed paper towel tube…..

Repurposed Paper Towel Tube

Napkin Rings? WHAT?! Latrice here and …Yes I love the idea of repurposing items these days. I’ve been jotting down tons of ideas to try and was so excited to try this using May Arts ribbon.

Materials you’ll need:

  • 1 paper towel tube
  • Ribbon:  EN16 – Satin / Scalloped Edge, FY09 – Wired Beads, NR38 – Textured / Two Tone, BY25 – Leaves
  • Ruler
  • 1 sheet of patterned paper
  • Jewelry snips or wire cutters



Your first step is to measure and cut your paper towel tube into 8 pieces. I measure every 1-1/4” and had a little piece left over to toss.


Next I cut my 12” paper into 1-1/2” strips. Using my Glue Arts Glue glider PRO I adhered the paper to the cut tubes. Your tubes won’t be perfect and the paper will be a bit larger. When you trim you will be able to straighten any crooked edges out.


Once you’ve trimmed the paper on the tubes you can use a sanding block and some ink to fix any little imperfections. The ink also gives it a great finished look.


Choose your ribbon and start putting in onto the tube pieces. I used both green and orange ribbon first, then added a fun pearl strand and last added some sating leaf for even more color.  For the pearl strand you will need jewelry snips to cut the wire and in the back of your tube you’ll twist it and press it flat so no one can cut themselves. It bends easily so you shouldn’t have any problems.


This is what your finished project will look like.


I hope you try either this repurposed project or another. It really is great to know that you are reusing and creating something fun that can be used for years to come. Thanks for stopping by the blog today.


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Blog Posted By: Latrice Murphy

  1. Andrea

    I love inexpensive ways to make things look lovely. Great job.

  2. Rosemary D

    what a fun way to reuse a paper towel roll…

  3. Keva Brown

    What a great idea! I love this..might have to try it.

  4. Janet Sisk

    Wow! How clever is that!!!

  5. Tina Mayo

    omg..I absoulelt love love love this..what a great idea..ok I am just floored..think I may do this for Christmas.

  6. Pam Loris

    Great use of those rolls! Mine are stacking up over here!!

  7. Charlene

    Greaty recycling idea for those paper tubes…love that they are easy and fun too!

  8. conniemelancon

    love the napkin holders and using the paper towel rolls.

  9. Jean Benson

    Love the napkin holders and love the idea of using paper towel holders – thanks for helping to “go green”

  10. Patty B

    You make it look so easy…thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Jennifer H.

    I love it Latrice! I want some of that pearl ribbon! And I have paper towel and toilet tissue rolls waiting for a project, this project. Perfect!

  12. Kelly massman

    Great recycling idea!

  13. {vicki}

    great idea!

  14. Lynn

    I have seen lots and lots of napkin rings done with paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes, but they all looked so cheap – until now!!! This is amazing!!! WOW!! Thanks!!

  15. Karen K

    Cute idea.

  16. Beverly

    Wonderful idea! I love repurposing things and going”green” in all of life’s projects.

  17. Courtney Lee

    Very nice! I love re-purposing things and this is great! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us!

  18. jen shears

    This looks gorgeous! Perfect ribbon & trim to make it really special!

  19. DeniseB

    Great idea! These are very pretty. The ribbons and trims really dress them up.

  20. Kelly Sas

    I love repurposing paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Your napkin rings rock! Especially like the use of the pearl strand. Great idea!


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