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Hi all!  Boy do I have a fun and creative project for you today.

Every year, I try to create a scrapbook to hold photos, notes and mementos from the year. This year, instead of making a traditional scrapbook, I thought I’d create something a little more unique, a month at a glance Reflection Journal. 


(Ribbon styles:  389-18-47, 386-58-22, 392-58-14, ARR27, WFF94, ARR28, BK44, 404-15-34)


In addition to an assortment of May Arts Ribbon, you’ll need

  • Scissors
  • Glue Arts Adhesive Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Plain Heavy Cardstock
  • Patterned Scrapbook Paper
  • Die Cut Paper Shapes
  • Assorted Letter Stickers
  • Paper Dollies
  • Mini Envelopes
  • Clear Plastic Envelope
  • Confetti
  • Ring Clips



  1. Determine the size and shape of your month pages and cut 12 pages from your heavy cardstock.  My pages measure 7 ½” tall x 4 ¼” wide. Punch two holes on the left side of each page—2” in from the edge.
  2. Adhere patterned scrapbook paper to the front and back of each month page using your Glue Arts Adhesive Tape and punch through your holes.
  3. Decorate each page in a different way using the dollies, envelopes and patterned paper.  Create a confetti window for one of your pages using the clear envelope filled with confetti pieces.
  4. Decorate each page with ribbon….have fun and be creative in how you apply the ribbon.
  5. Create a tab for each page to indicate the month.  Use your die cut shapes, letter stickers and decorative paper to make each tab unique.
  6. Add plain and lined paper behind each month tab and place everything onto your ring clips.


Keep your journal beside your bed and every night write down special moments from the day, add a special photo or note and list a few things you’re grateful for.  Come Dec. 31st, you’ll look back and not only love the journal you created, but be able to relive a great year!

Cheers to 2012!

Blog post by: Shelly Dozier-Mckee

  1. Helen Lebrett

    Great idea and great looking pages:  I like how you used the ribbon in so many different ways!

  2. Tanya Hulbert

    Very creative and would make a great gift too!  Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kathy P

    Amazing work of art!

  4. Jean Keefe

    Clever ideas!  Thanks for sharing.  Love May Arts ribbon!  Kelly

  5. Christine Dring

    Very cool!

  6. Bethany Becker

    I love this journal!  I want to make one!

  7. DeeDee Catron

    this looks amazing! such a variety and SO colorful!! 

  8. Rosann

    This is a great journal. Thank you for sharing.
    Also your supply list helped me identify a ribbon I've been wanting… I love that WFF94 ( had some and wanted more, could not remember where I got it from and did not have a number ) been wondering whose ribbon it was NOW I know !!

  9. Amanda Coleman

    What a great idea!  I love all of the patterns and colors!

  10. Ann Merkins

    What a fantastic journal!! I love it!!

  11. Maria

    Oh so beautiful! Lovely!!! Very inspirational! 😀


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