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Rainbow Inspired Craft Challenge Participants!


First a big thank you to everyone who sent in emails to play along!  I am always honored by the incredible response to our Rainbow Inspired Craft Challenge!   As always, this was such a difficult decision to make.   I truly wish I could have selected you all!  


This month’s participants are:

  • Barbara MacAskill
  • Carmelita Cechetto-Shea
  • Debbie Fisher           
  • Elizabeth Ortiz
  • Heather Thompson
  • Jamie Larsen
  • Jennifer Hadder
  • Kathryne Knowles
  • Kimberly DiLauro
  • Laura Davidson
  • Linda Correa
  • Lisa Bedigian
  • Marie Otake
  • Mary Reppe
  • Melissa Whittamore
  • Michele Kosciolek
  • Rachelle Olaridge
  • Tammy Whitley
  • Terri Burson
  • Tracy McLennon


Congratulations, ladies!   You all will receive an email by tomorrow with further details regarding the challenge!



  1. Liz O.

    so exciting!!! Good luck everyone, I can’t wait to see all the creations I am sure they will be fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity to play along!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Rachelle Olaridge

    So excited! Just got my happy mail and ready to create. Thanks so much!

  3. Terri Burson

    Hey, Bethney, I haven’t seen an email and I’ve checked my spam folders. Did you send one yet?

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      Whoops! I processed your shipment, but missed the email. Sending that out now. Sorry!!!

  4. Tammy Whitley

    Thank you so much for choosing me for the Rainbow Challenge. I cant wait to get started!! What an honor!!!

  5. Melissa W

    Thank you May Arts and Bethney! I’m so excited!

  6. Amante del Papel

    congrats ladyes!

  7. Laura Davidson

    I am so excited to do this.. Wow thanks for being interested in my idea…
    Laura D.

  8. Shellye McDaniel

    congratulations, everyone! can’t wait to see what you create!

  9. TracyM #6773

    CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the lucky participants!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create 🙂

  10. Carmelita Cechetto-Shea

    Awesome! THANKS for selecting my idea! Hopefully I won’t disappoint! WOW………now need to get my idea sketched as I await your ribbon!

  11. Terri Burson

    Super duper excited! Thanks for picking me Bethney!

  12. Debbie Fisher

    YAY! I’m so excited! This is like a couple day late bd present. Ü thank you May Arts!

  13. barbara macaskill

    I am so excited that I was chosen of participate in this challenge. I scared my dog and cats screaming with joy when I saw my name! I almost didn’t check to see because I figured I wouldn’t be chosen. So glad I did and was! THANK YOU!

  14. Heather Thompson

    I see some familiar names on the lists, There should be some awesome creations. I cant wait to see what everyone makes!! Congrats everyone!!

  15. Charity Hotrum

    Way to go!
    Bring on the inspiration!

  16. Valerie Gee

    Congrats ladies! I hope you have as much fun with the ribbon as I know the Ribbonistas had!

  17. by belle

    So excited for this one!!! Thanks Ribbon Lady!! You just made my day!!

  18. Anne Marie

    Congrats!! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!! I love rainbows!


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