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If you haven’t heard, we just announced our Rainbow Inspired Craft Challenge!  We will be providing 20 participants with a selection of these ribbons:

Rainbow Inspired Ribbon

to create a craft project with! 

Maybe you love the ribbons, but aren’t quite sure what to do with them yet.  Or maybe you just love to see some gorgeous ribbon crafts…or both!   🙂   Well, either way, the Ribbonistas have gotten together to give you a healthy dose of inspiration. 

If you are interested in participating, go ahead & email me your idea!


Gini Williams Cagle:

Flower Pot Card

When I saw the fun ribbons that were chosen for this challenge, it reminded me of all of the bright colors in a garden – So I was inspired to make a flower pot card. The pot is like a pocket, and the flowers are attached to a tag that slips into the pot, and can be removed to write a message.


Jenifer Cowles:

Rainbow Dreamcatcher

I had so much fun with the fun rainbow ribbons I received that I went a little overboard and decided to create a fun dreamcatcher. I used all the ribbons from the challenge and a bunch more from my stash it was easy to create this fun project.


Jennifer Davey:

Unique Gift Wrapping Idea

This box awaits a sweet treat to be complete but the jewel on top is what makes this so delightful.  Wrapped in silk and raffia ribbons and a stack of flowers with chevron leaves this gift will be fabulous no matter what the box contains.


Karen Baker:

'Hello' Card

Thank You Card

I adore the wide range of May Arts Ribbon-not only in the types of ribbon they offer but the colors too! I broke down the rainbow inspiration ribbon into hot and cool tones. Each clean and simple card features a focal point May Arts Ribbon Embellishments with a button, a white card base and die cut greeting-all to make that ribbon really shine!


Latrice Murphy:

Rainbow Ribbon Calendar

Rainbow Ribbon Calendar

I found this a real challenge. I love the rainbow idea for sure, but the different texture and ribbons threw me for a small loop. I ended up creating a fun A2 sized desk calendar. I chose some simple Echo Park paper to match my ribbon. You can see for the yellow I pulled the butterflies off the ribbon and used them as singles. For the purple I created a quick ruffle on my sewing machine. I then finished the cards off with an SRM sticker calendar. I used 3D adhesive to raise the square calendar up. Here is the first six months. I’ll just create a second set for the other six. Keep it fun and easy. Thanks for looking. 


Shellye McDaniel:

Rainbow Ribbon Layout

Before beginning my layout, I designed the large heart and then planned out how I would use the remaining ribbon/trim on the page.  I like to use ribbon to create borders, flowers and of course bows, so I kept those elements in mind as I proceeded in creating.  I love all of the texture, softness and bright colors that it brings to my colorful photo!


Valerie Gee:

Rainbow Ribbon Head Wreath

Rainbow Ribbon Head Wreath

I love all things rainbow, especially organizing my ribbon wall in ROYGBIV order, so when the Ribbon Lady put out the call for a rainbow inspired challenge, I was all in!  I used both plain and wired paper ribbons to braid a head wreath (custom sized to fit my daughter’s big noggin), and stitched on a colorful variety of ribbons for streamers.  I stitched May Arts blue flower blossoms onto some sheer blue organza ribbon, and I transferred the yellow butterflies off of the wide ribbon they were on to a more narrow satin ribbon (after dying it yellowish peach for the project).  I love how it turned out, and so does my little forest fairy!


If you are interested in playing along, click here for all the details!   To enter to receive your ribbons to create, go ahead and email me! I’d love to hear from you.  :)




  1. TracyM #6773

    Somewhere over the rainbow …
    RIbbonistas gathered together
    and created a ribbon awesomeness!!!

  2. Heather Thompson

    Very awesome Inspiration.


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